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How to Prepare Your Autistic Son for Middle School

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Middle school is a whole new world for any student. Many parents face the challenge of helping their children ease into it.

If your son is autistic, you probably have extra challenges. Keep reading, to learn more about How to Prepare Your Autistic Son for Middle School.

In my opinion, the middle school years are the absolute hardest in every child’s life, but they are also the most formative.  Our youngest is entering the ranks of middle school this year and I am terrified.  I feel like we have done our best in preparing your autistic son for school thus far, but middle school…. enough said, am i right?

middle school prep for your autistic son

Prepare Your Autistic Son for Middle School:

Think about Technology

Middle school typically comes with more written work and notetaking. Now is the time to think about devices that may help your son perform these tasks easier. It can be something as simple as a small recorder to help him remember what his teachers taught on a particular day.

Ask for an Individualized Orientation

General orientation day can really be a madhouse! Asking for a private orientation allows your son to tour the school with almost no confusion or distraction. If it’s possible to get his schedule, make a classroom-to-classroom map and travel the route several times.

You can also take this opportunity to visit the cafeteria and talk about buying lunch and also stopping by his locker to make sure he can open it without any problems.

Request Leveled Learning

Before class even starts, sit down with your child’s teachers (if possible) and request leveled learning. Maybe your son excels in math but doesn’t do as well in English. He’ll have a much higher chance of success, when he’s allowed to go more at his own pace.

Throughout the school year, tell your child how proud you are of his accomplishments and encourage him to keep doing his best.

Refamiliarize Yourself with Last Year’s IEP

As middle school approaches, it never hurts to refamiliarize yourself with your son’s last IEP. This way, it’s easier to start the new year fresh. Why? You can pinpoint any changes you feel should be made and discuss what you want to see happen educationally in the near future.

Get Acquainted with the Bus Driver

If you take advantage of school provided transportation, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the bus driver. This translates into one less thing your son has to worry about, on the first day of school.

These are just a few tips on how to prepare your autistic son for middle school. Kids grow up so fast. Believe it or not, high school is already on the horizon.

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