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Love One Another {Preschool Project and Free Printable}

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I’ve been loving Kelli’s free Bible verse, printables — how about you?  It’s the perfect way to review some Bible verses and get some hand writing practice in at the same time.  My little one is just starting to write letters, so practice is always in order!

Anyway, we decided to do a craft project to coordinate with the John 13:34 printable (you can find it here!).  Want to follow along?

What You Need:

  • Construction Paper (any color)
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Heart puncher or scissors

What You Do:

Before inviting the children to the craft table, punch out hearts or pre-cut hearts from construction paper.

We wrote “A Friend Loves at All Times”, but you could also do “Love One Another” to coordinate better with the verse.  We’ve been talking a lot about how to be a good friend, so this was a good fit for us.

Friends Loves

Next, have your child draw a picture of a friend or someone who is important to them.

Friends Loves

I loved seeing all the different ideas and I simply cannot get enough of the cute people blobs!  I love how preschoolers draw!

Once the drawing is complete, talk about how friends love each other and do nice things for one another.  Hand the precut hearts to the preschoolers, one-at-a-time, asking them to think of nice or loving things a friend might do.  Once they’ve answered, have them glue the heart onto the project and continue with another idea and heart.

Friends Loves

After 5 or 6 ideas, hand over the rest of the hearts and have them glue away!

Friends Loves


Friend Loves at All Times

Questions to Ask:

  • Why are friends so much fun? 
  • What is one way we can be a good friend?
  • Do friends share with others?
  • What does it mean to love others?
  • What does it mean to love all the time?

Happy Crafting!

About the Author

Lindsey Whitney is a blogger over at Growing Kids Ministry.  A blog designed to help parents, teachers, and Children’s Ministry workers who want to help the kids they love grow in their faith.   You can connect with her via twitter or on facebook.

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