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H is for Hands

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Roll, Roll, Roll your hands as s-l-o-w-l-y as you can

Roll, Roll, Roll your hands as quickly as you can 

We’ve been singing this little ditty in our house quite a bit lately.  I spotted it in an old song book I have and the kids latched right onto it.  They love singing it all together and I find my two year old often singing it to himself as he waits for lunch to be served.  If you’re getting back into the swing of the school year, this would be a great homeschool lesson for the young kids in your life.

H is for Hands

Have kids sit in a circle and with hands on their laps.

Ask: “Who can show me your hands?”

After kids have lifted up their hands to show you, have them pretend to wash their hands.  Ask what things they would need if they were going to wash their hands in real life.  In our house, we often count to ten when we wash our hands, so you could practice counting to 10 while pretending to wash your hands.

If kids are a bit older, you could learn about right hand and left hand.

Ask: “What kind of things can we do with our hands?”

Depending on the answers, you could have kids act out the answers with their hands.   After you’re done playing, remind kids that hands starts with “H”.  Say the “H” sound together and show them a picture of both uppercase and lowercase “H”.

Songs About Hands 

There are lots of songs about hands and almost all preschool songs USE hands in the motions, so feel free to use your favorites during this time!  Here’s a few specifically about hands.

Open Shut Them 

Hokey Pokey

Miss Nina’s Hand Washing Song

If You’re Happy and You Know It (Clap Your Hands)

Hand Art Project

H is for Hands

Most kids love finger painting.  If you’ve got nice weather, you might want to take this project outside so the kids can get really messy.  Simply pour some paint on a paper plate and have kids rub their hands in it a bit.  You can also use a paint brush to put paint onto hands, but that tends to tickle the kids!

Place their hands on a piece of paper and when the paint is dry, write “H is for Hands”.

Good job and enjoy the last bit of your summer!

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Friday 23rd of August 2013

Love the song ideas! We had plans to fingerpaint this afternoon (I even bought a shower curtain liner to make cleanup easier...I hope!)...these songs will bring the experience to a whole new level of FUN! :)) Thank you again!