Christmas Cookie Exchange Ideas

A Christmas Cookie exchange is a great way to get a ton of different cookies for gifts and just for your house without having to make a ton of different cookies!  Each person makes a few dozen of their favorite or best cookies, you all get together and share them.  Then, each person has several dozen different types of cookies!  Fun, right?

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipes:

These are the most requested cookies from my arsenal of cookie recipes!

Christmas Cooke Exchange Ideas

Plus, since 5 isn’t nearly enough cookies to make a great tin full of Christmas cookies, I asked my tribe mates to share with me a link to their most requested cookie recipe!

  • Holly of Kids Activities Blog says that her Breakfast Cookies are the best because who doesn’t want cookies for breakfast?
  • Crystal at Crystal & Co., swears these are Santa’s favorite cookies. These Ranger Cookies are perfect for gift giving too! The kids will love helping you make them!
  • Chrissy of The Taylor House says that her Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies are the best because they have an amazing flavor combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

Christmas Cookie Exchange Ideas:

The ideas for your Christmas Cookie Exchange are only limited by your imagination.  The free printable invitation below is for a plain exchange, but you could have a themed exchange where:

  • people have to dress up in the theme
  • your invitations are themed
  • you have themed music
  • you have themed decorations
  • even the cookies could be in a certain theme!

Here are some fun Christmas Cookie Theme ideas:

The Cookie Exchange has been around for years and the ideas are endless, but here are some of my picks from around the web…

Christmas Cookie Exchange Invitations:

If you are planning to host a cookie exchange this year, you will need some invitations.  So, I made some cute ones for you to print out and pass around to your friends!

Christmas Cookie Exchange Invitations

Cookie Exchange on Pinterest:

Still want more cookies?  Be sure to check out my Cookie Exchange board for lots of ideas – plus, I am adding to it daily!

Christmas Cookie Exchange on Pinterest

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