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Three Little Pigs: Mask Craft {Preschool Reading Comprehension}

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Did I mentioned my daughter is obsessed with The Three Little Pigs?  Well, she is!  We’ve checked out five different versions from the library and read them every day.  A lot.  Today we decided to do a little work with colors and a little bit with reading comprehension, using face masks!

If you’re looking for a simple story extension activity for this class tale, try this easy Three Little Pigs mask craft! It’s a great way to work on preschool reading comprehension with your kids!

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Three Little Pigs Mask Craft

Three Little Pigs Mask Craft for Preschoolers:

To make this Three Little Pigs mask craft, you’ll need the following affiliate resources:

I wanted to show the kids a little bit about mixing colors, so instead of dishing out the pink and gray paint, I put a little dab of red & white on the pig plates and a dab of black & white on the wolf plates.

We talked about the colors mixing as the kids painted and then I got all excited when a new color started to emerge. Even the baby (13 months) got into painting on this one!  Thankfully, he’s almost past the “eat everything” stage. Almost.

After the plates were dry, we drew little faces on them to represent the three pigs and one wolf.  I was in charge of the wolf and as you can see, my artistic ability is very limited.

Three Little Pigs Mask Craft for Preschool

We used masking tape to secure craft sticks to the back of the plates and then headed outside for some role playing.

We have read several versions of the pig story (many times) so I was anxious to see what Chipmunk came up with when we started playing.   She remembered almost all of the story line, but especially making a house of BRICKS!


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Later, we played Three Little Pigs with her tiny playhouse.  Our dialogue went like this:

Me: Little pig, little pig, let me in!
Her: Not by the hairs of my chin chin chin
Me: Can I just put my paw in?
Her: No!
Me: Can I just put my tail in?
Her: No!
Me: Can I come in for tea?
Her: Oh sure!!
Me: Haha!  Now I will eat you!
Her: Don’t eat me.  I have donuts!!

The kids absolutely loved making this Three Little Pigs mask craft. I’m sure your little ones will too!

Three Little Pigs Mask Craft for Preschoolers

Why do kids love learning about the three little pigs?

Kids have an insatiable curiosity, and it’s no secret that they love stories. When it comes to learning, there’s no better way to capture their attention than through tales that feature relatable characters, interesting plotlines, and important life lessons.

The story of the three little pigs may seem simple on the surface, but it’s a timeless classic that has captivated young audiences for generations.

From the familiar rhyme scheme to the memorable characters, there are plenty of reasons why this story has remained popular over the years.

But perhaps the biggest draw is the fact that it teaches kids about the importance of being prepared, working hard, and being resourceful in the face of adversity.

By using familiar animals and a playful tone, the story makes these concepts accessible and fun, which is why kids can’t get enough of it.

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What are fun ways for kids to play with homemade masks?

Playing with a homemade three little pig mask can be a fun and imaginative experience for kids. They can use the masks to act out their own version of the classic tale of the three little pigs.

Children can also play guessing games where they try to guess which piggy is wearing the mask. Another idea is to host a piggy parade where kids can march around wearing their masks and oinking like pigs.

These playful activities can enhance children’s creativity and communication skills, as well as provide an opportunity for them to explore different emotions and personalities.

Ultimately, playing with homemade three little pig masks is a great way for children to have fun while learning and developing important skills.

Are homemade masks good for imaginative play?

Children love to play dress-up and let their imaginations soar. Homemade masks can be a fantastic addition to their imaginative playtime.

Not only do they allow children to take on a variety of different personas, but they also provide a creative outlet for their minds.

With the wide range of materials and designs available, homemade masks can be tailored to suit any child’s interests and preferences.

Best of all, crafting these masks can be a fun and rewarding activity for both parents and children to enjoy together.

Whether your child wants to be a superhero, a fairy, or an animal, homemade masks can help bring their imaginative play to life.

Three Little Pigs Maskmaking Activity Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources will come in handy for putting together a Three Little Pigs unit!

More Three Little Pigs Resources:

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This 3 Little Pigs Word Find is a fun way to help your children work on reading and letter recognition

Your kids can improve scissor skills with this 3 Little Pigs Cutting Practice worksheet

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Wednesday 27th of January 2016

My 2.5 year old daughter is insanely obsessed with the story of the three little pigs - reassuring to see she's not the only one.

It's all she ever wants to read or talk about, we have read many many different versions - looking for more Pigs activities since it's pretty much all she'll focus on...