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Easy Pig Activities for Toddlers

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Have you ever taken a toddler to a petting zoo? You might want them to visit the baby goats or take a look at the cows, but nine times out of ten, they’re heading straight for the pigs. There’s just something about pigs that fascinates little kids. I’m not sure if it’s the dirtiness or the oinking or just the way they look, but kids love pigs.

So these easy pig activities for toddlers will be a huge hit with your little ones! There are pig crafts, pig printables, and pig lessons here that you can use to learn about these animals right along with your tots!

Add some more art time to your pig unit with these fun pig craft projects for kids!

Pig Activities for Toddlers

Easy Pig Activities for Toddlers:

1. This art-inspired Muddy Pig Sensory Activity is an awesome tot activity! It takes just a few minutes, plus it’s plenty of messy fun!

2. Let the little ones help you make this easy Coffee Filter Pig Craft and hang it on the wall!

3. This circular Easy Paper Pig Craft is such a fun activity for little ones!

4. Do your toddlers love to watch Peppa Pig? They’ll have a ball making this Peppa Pig-Inspired Craft!

5. Use this simple Circle Pig Craft to help toddlers learn to recognize shapes!

6. These printable Three Little Pigs Story Coloring Pages are a perfect companion to your read-aloud time!

7. Make a few of these Paper Plate Pig Masks and have some fun pretending to be pigs with the kids!

8. A pig unit is a good time to talk about the letter P. The kids will love making this P is for Pig Craft!

9. Read the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake and then make this extra cute If You Give a Pig a Pancake Craft!

10. This Super Easy Paper Pig Craft is an excellent activity to try with tots! They’ll love pasting the features on!

11. Make these DIY Pig Maracas and your toddlers will have so much fun using them to make music!

Pig Activities for Toddlers to Try

12. Break out the paintbrushes for this Pig Watercolor Painting Craft!

13. Read The Three Little Pigs together and then take a few minutes to do this Three Little Pigs Storybook Craft!

14. Toddlers love playing with playdough! Hand them a few cans to use with these printable Pig Playdough Mats!

15. Save an old toilet paper roll to make this Cardboard Tube Pig Craft!

16. Head outside to try this Pigs in the Mud Sensory Play! (It really makes a mess, so save it for the outdoors.)

17. This adorable Three Little Pigs Storytelling Bracelet is a perfect gift for your toddler!


Click Here for 3 Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets


18. Assemble these Three Little Pigs Popsicle Stick Puppets and let the kids reenact the story for you!

19. Let kids get some sensory input with this Messy Pig Craft!

20. Toddlers can practice working on a farm with this Wash the Muddy Pig Sensory Play!

21. Use old spoons for this Three Little Pigs Story Spoons Activity! Tots will have fun trying to remember how the story goes!

22. This simple Paper Plate Pig is a great activity for little crafters! They can do it in just a few minutes!

Pig Activities for Toddlers to Do

Pig Activities for Toddlers:

These affiliate resources from Amazon are a handy way to add even more pig activities for toddlers to your lesson!

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