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Adorable Teddy Bear Cutting Practice Sheets

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Teddy Bear Cutting Practice Sheets are the perfect worksheets for early learners! Pair these with a bear unit for even more learning fun. If you’re looking for a teddy bear-themed worksheet, you’ve found what you’ve been searching for. These worksheets are great for fine motor skills and would be a cute accompaniment to a snuggly stuffed bear day at home.

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Use these fun worksheets to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day! It’s happening on September 9th and is a fun way to dive more into learning about brown bears and polar bears, too.

What is educational aspect of this printable?

This preschool cutting activity is great for fine motor skills and also hand-eye coordination. You can also use this to talk about topics related to bears and talk about Teddy Roosevelt (President Theodore Roosevelt) and how he is linked to teddy bears, too.

What it includes:

This printable includes many cutting pages for kids that will have them using their scissors to cut along the dotted lines. There will be a stopping point and a starting point of cute teddy bear pictures, too.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though this printable might all be about cutting and using scissors, don’t forget to use it for other fun activities, too!

Have the kids be their own toy maker

Talk about a great way for the kids to use their imagination! If they’re looking for a fun and interactive activity for the day, have them make a toy shape and start creating their very own toys.

Make an editable teddy bear

Grab a few pieces of paper and have the kids draw their own teddy bear. Then they can cut out clothing, facial features, etc. and add them to the bear and change them out as they want.

Host a teddy bear baby shower

This can be another fun way for the kids to use their imagination! Have them gather up their teddy bears and have a party at the house. It’s a cute way for them to be super creative and fun!

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