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Delicious Brownie Cupcake Recipe

This Delicious Brownie Cupcake Recipe is the best brownie layer orange cupcakes, ever. I’ve been making them for years and am still obsessed. I love any and all treats that are orange in color and orange in taste. We’re all about delicious cupcake recipes! But don’t let them fool you. Just because they’re orange in …

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake Mix Muffins

Trying to get the kids to the breakfast table is a real challenge for busy moms, especially if they’re…ahem…a little slow to get up in the morning. So it’s a huge help to have simple breakfast ideas that you can go to quickly when you’re short on time! I love having this list of Easy Pumpkin …

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Over 9 Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

When do you start calling the season Fall?  Personally, today is my day!  It is Labor Day – the water parks will all close after today except on weekends (in our area) and the mornings have cooled off considerably!  Anyway, in Southern Alabama, our trees don’t really change colors.  So, we don’t technically have “Fall”, …

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