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Statue of Liberty Craft Ideas for Early Learners

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Looking for great Statue of Liberty Craft Ideas? These statue of liberty crafts for preschoolers are simple and easy to do! Make certain to check out our states unit study for even more great craft ideas for kids.

These crafts are a great way to learn about the statue of liberty and also talk about the 4th of July and Independence Day as well. Many just use paper plate or cardboard tubes to create which is something that we all have lying around the house!

You can easily use this list of crafts as a fun way to plan out activities for the summer. If you’re ready to have the kids be creative and work with their hands, these fun crafts are ready and waiting!

What is a fun fact about the Statue of Liberty?

Since you’re going to be creating and making so many fun crafts, why not take the time to learn a few fun facts as well?

Tell the kids that if you plan to visit, they’ll be walking up 354 stairs to get to the top! There are also 25 windows that are up in the crown which provide quite an awesome view!

Why does the Statue of Liberty have seven spikes on the crown?

There are a few reasons for this but the one that tends to be talked about the most is that they represent the seven continents of the world and/or they also represent the seven oceans of the world, as well.

Statue of Liberty Craft Ideas

This fun list of crafts is a great way to have the kids want to learn more about our country! Plus, they’re just a lot of fun to create and make!

Which is this Statue of Liberty crafts are you going to have the kids start with first?

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