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Awesome ADHD Fidget Relief Toys

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Do you have a child that is constantly moving? Does your child’s teacher send home notes about your son’s disruptive behavior? Maybe he yells out answers when it isn’t his turn, or dangerously tips back on the back legs of his chair? You aren’t alone. These awesome ADHD fidget relief toys are the answer to your prayers.

Fidget toys can make a difference in the classroom or in any situation where your child is required to be still and pay attention. For children who have a difficult time being still, a fidget toy discreetly hidden in their pocket or desk can make a world of difference.

Over 25 Fidget Relief Toys for ADHD and Spectrum Disorders

Fidget toys have emerged as a popular tool that can help children with attention issues like ADHD and Autism to focus better, both at school and home. These toys are designed to provide sensory stimulation, which can help engage the mind and improve concentration.

What is a Fidget Toy?

I’ve got you. No more wondering, what is a fidget toy! A fidget toy is a small handheld object that provides sensory input and promotes focus and relaxation.

It is commonly used by individuals of all ages, especially those with ADHD or anxiety, to help increase concentration and relieve stress.

Fidget toys often feature various textures, shapes, and movements that can be manipulated and squeezed to keep the hands occupied while allowing the mind to stay engaged. Some popular examples of fidget toys include stress balls, fidget spinners, tangle toys, and squishy toys.

ADHD Fidget Relief Toys

Children with ADHD often exhibit hyperactive behavior and have difficulty staying focused on tasks. They may be easily distracted and struggle with impulsivity. Fidget toys can help these children by providing a physical outlet for their excess energy. The act of fidgeting helps to keep their minds engaged, thus improving attention and focus. Furthermore, fidget toys can also help manage anxiety and stress, which are often associated with ADHD.

On the other hand, children with Autism often have sensory processing issues, which means they might be overly sensitive to certain stimuli or not sensitive enough. They may also struggle with self-regulation, which involves managing one’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts to achieve goals. Fidget toys can help autistic children by providing controlled sensory input, helping them filter out extra sensory information that could be distracting. This can lead to improved concentration, reduced anxiety, and better self-regulation.

When considering the type of fidget toy to use, it’s important to consider the distinct behaviors and needs of children with ADHD vs Autism. For example, children with ADHD might benefit more from fidget toys that allow for active movement, such as fidget spinners or stress balls. These toys can help them expend excess energy and stay focused. In contrast, children with Autism might benefit more from sensory toys that provide different textures and shapes for tactile exploration, like sensory rings or putty. These types of toys can help manage sensory sensitivities and promote calmness.

Incorporating fidget toys into the classroom setting can be a great way to reduce disruptive behavior and enhance learning experiences for students with ADHD and Autism. Teachers can provide a variety of fidget toys and allow students to choose the ones they find most helpful. These toys can be used during independent work time, group activities, or transitions between tasks to help students stay focused and calm. It’s also important to establish clear guidelines about when and how to use these toys to ensure they are beneficial and not distracting to others.

In conclusion, fidget toys can offer numerous benefits for children with ADHD and Autism. By understanding the distinct behaviors and needs of these children, parents and educators can select the most effective types of fidget toys to enhance focus, manage sensory sensitivities, and promote overall wellbeing.

Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice

6 Side With 7 Different Stress Relieving Features
Specifically Design For People Who Can’t Keep Their Fingers Still, And Whether You’re A Clicker, A Flicker, A Roller Or A Spinner

It’s a fidget toy but also helps when you trying to focus on anything that needs critical thinking. You can keep it in pocket all the time and use it to either kill time or to help stay focused in meetings and such

Tangle Jr. Textured Sensory Fidget Toy

3 Spiky Silicone Slap Bracelets in color-coordinated sets. Red, Green and Black. Have Fun with Dragons and Dinosaurs!

Whether in search of a new fidget, tactile, sensory or stress toy, our Monkey Stringy Balls are perfect. Squeeze and toss them! They’re perfect for fidgeting, sensory stimulation and tactile stimulation

Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss and bounce – these balls will immediately return to their original round shape. Makes for a great gift!

Slide the marble back and forth to stay focused at work or in the classroom.

Fuzzy and multi-colored, you won’t be able to put this Tangle down

These fun little fidgets can be arranged and twisted in thousands of shapes. Twelve little colorful half-inch blocks are connected together by heavy-duty elasticized string. Great for big and little fingers alike!.

Lopez is the perfect mindless “fiddle” — easy to manipulate without much physical or mental effort. Endlessly flip the colored plastic pieces around and around the dual axes of the rings. The colored curved pieces are molded to fit perfectly in one hand or two.

Twiddle – it’s a shape maker and fidget toy in one. It is so much fun that you won’t want to put it down. Twiddle is the hottest, coolest, must-have favorite product of the year. Twiddle comes in 5 bright colors in an awesome package with 70 fun, totally safe interchangeable pieces that can be shaped, molded, torn apart or snapped together in endless ways to provide hours of fun.

FunFidgets are popular fidgets, stress-reducers, and hand strengtheners, Non-toxic an latex-free. Each ball contains small parts warning and we recommend use for 5 years and up. NOT designed for heavy work or kids that take toys to the extremeas these fidgets may break.

Colorful and mesmerizing fidget helps improve focus, concentration and fine motor skills

Put stress at bay Looking for a sneaky, fun tool that can help you put stress and anxiety at bay? If you or your loved one has ADHD anxiety, this 360 Spinner will help. It’s also an incredibly cool pass-time accessory, and a lovely play toy for your kids as well. You’ll find the Anti-Anxiety 360 easy to use. There’s no more getting bored when waiting for someone, or chilling out for something to happen.

U Fidget Toy ~ Stress Relief for Special Needs Kids, Autism, ADHD

Squeeze the bean out over and over again when you get stressed or bored and kill time. Especially in dull a meeting!

A 1-INCH in diameter ball of interconnected anodized aluminum rings, woven in a way so that each ring can freely turn over the next; twirling and looping over each other in a spinning pattern.

Thoughtfully-designed fidget for older kids and adults.
Inconspicuous and totally quiet, but readily available.

SNAP AND CLICK! Each of the 24 links on the Snap & Click Toy pivots and locks into 5 positions so you can build and shape the chain in lots of different ways. When you snap the links together, they emit a satisfying CLICK sound.

Depending on its temperature it changes from orange to bright yellow.
Classic putty skills, like bouncing and peeling the comics from the newspaper.

Squish, sit on, or manipulate them – an excellent therapy tool! These incredibly durable manipulation discs make excellent fidgets that have soothing, tactile, and auditory discrimination properties.

Smooth Rolling & Twisting Movement for Quiet & Discrete Fidgeting
Silent Fidget Toy, so that you can fidget in School, Work, Meetings, Church, Libraries

This toy fits in the palm of your hand. Whether you are walking or sitting, you can play with this toy.
This toy is a great idea for friends who cannot keep their fingers still.
12 Sides to Make You Feel Relaxed

What is Jeliku? It’s an exciting fidget toy, a fun stress reliever, and an entertaining puzzle, all in one colorful desk toy! Unfold and turn the different sections to create an endless amount of artistic designs and shapes.

The Galactic Globe multi-sensory fidget toy not only provides a distraction from your current stresses, but is a fun toy as well. The Galactic Globe is both a visually and tactile tool that acts to entertain and calm most people.

Over 25 ADHD Fidget Relief Toys

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