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Rock N Roll Cutting Practice

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This Rock N Roll Cutting Practice is great for World Music Day and is so much fun for musical kids. They’ll love working on their scissor skills as well. Be certain to check out our other preschool cutting sheets, too.

Use these preschool and kindergarten sheets as a way to talk to them about music, too. Turn up some tunes while they’re cutting so that it’s a fun and relaxed environment. With summer solstice coming up, it’s time for World Music Day to start getting buzzed about! Celebrated in over 700 cities, it’s a big deal! (It’s come a long way since starting in 1982 in France!)

These simple cutting worksheets are perfect for World Music Day activities and are a great way to practice scissor skills with kid learning practice sheets. Use these cutting practice worksheets for free cutting fun!

simple cutting worksheets for World Music Day

It’s time to celebrate music and celebrate that your child is learning how to hold and cut with scissors. This is a big deal and is certain to propel them into more creativity and artistic fun. These are great to add to your preschool homeschooling worksheets.

The kids love these rock and roll worksheets because all kids love music! You can even have some fun beats playing in the background while they’re cutting on the lines.

No matter if you’re using printables, worksheets, or other types of learning, anything hands on is always fun.

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

Your child will be able to work on their fine motor skills with this cutting activity. Scissor skills will improve also with these fine motor activities. You’ll see their cutting skills get better with each sheet!

They’ll also learn the importance of holding the scissors correctly as well. They’ll get a chance to work on occupational therapy as well with the open and close of their hands as they use the scissors.

What it includes:

This fun rock and roll printable includes four pages of cutting practice from straight line cutting to changing directions, too.

Each page has images that vary from music instruments to music notes, and some rocking singers, too. This free printable was created to be fun and engaging for your little one!

Once they get the hang of cutting a straight line, they can move on to work on zig zag cutting and more! This cutting practice activity is just the start.

World Music Day themed cutting practice for preschool

Fun ways to use this printable:

Don’t forget to use this fun printable as inspiration! There are so many ways that the kids can be creative and use this printable for more. Below you’ll find some outside-the-box ideas for the kids.

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Create a living room music festival

Pretend your house is full of amateur and professional musicians and rock the day away! Crank up the tunes and have a fun singing battle.

Talk to them about the history of rock and use this time to introduce them to new genres of music, too! You may introduce them to a new type of music or a new musical artist that really enhances their love for music. They may even find out the sounds of instruments or learn how to keep a beat as well.

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Have the kids try out a new instrument

I’m certain that you have a recorder or two lying around the house but do you have any other musical instruments? They can try out the drums, the triangle, or even play a fun tune on the piano.

Let them draw and cut out music notes

Once they get used to cutting lines, see if they can work on cutting round edges. This is a great way to increase their motor skills, too.

They can even make their own coloring pages that they can color and hang up around the house. Have them use this time to set up and decorate their very own music studio right at home!

World Music Day cutting practice worksheets for preschoolers

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