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Native American Month Cutting Worksheets

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These Native American Cutting Worksheets are perfect for Native American Heritage Month. Use these printable cutting pages to discuss cultures, traditions, and more. They’re perfect for communication and fine motor skills.

Grab the scissors for the kids to start cutting and working on their ability to follow directions. They’ll have excellent scissor skills in no time at all!

Using printables like this is a fun way to help your child learn in a hands-on and unique way. Figuring out the best way to hold and grasp scissors is an integral learning process!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

When it comes to scissor skills, there are so many learning benefits to happen. The first is that the kids gain confidence in how to hold scissors, use them, and be mindful of how to hold them and use them when they’re alone and with other people.

The other great educational benefit of this printable is that the kids can work on their hand-eye coordination and their ability to follow directions. The dotted lines on these printables are perfect for cutting and following along, making it a winning choice for them to make.

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What it includes:

With the click of a print button, the kids will have multiple pages of dotted lines that they can use scissors to cut.

If they get frustrated while cutting, they can easily take a pen or pencil and trace along the dotted line first. This will help to give them confidence in their ability to see the start and finish and work on their coordination and cutting control.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

While it’s true that pressing print is a great way to use this activity, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to use it.

You can easily launch this printable for many other fun ideas and activities for the kids. Here are a few ideas below to help you get started.

Read educational books about Native American History

Take a trip to the local library and grab some great books about the history of Native Americans. The kids will be able to learn about their culture, traditions, and more.

You can then have the kids discuss what they learned and see their thoughts. This is also a great activity to work on conversation skills with the kids.

Grab a pen and paper and have them write down a few facts they read. Writing down information helps with retention!

Draw more cutting pages

Now that they see what the cutting pages look like have them draw even more pages. Their creativity is a fun way to see what they can think of, and once they get everything drawn, they can use it to cut out even more.

See what other themes or ideas they can draw on pages. This is a great way to get some art skills happening, too.

Visit a local musuem

The brightly colored exhibits and interactive displays serve as a conduit for introducing kids to the customs and traditions of the past while providing context for the future.

In this sense, the museum becomes an intellectual playground where young ones can ask questions and engage with the world around them.

It is important to note that kids will learn differently based on age, so it is essential to tailor the visit to their intellectual and emotional development.

With a little creativity and preparation, taking small kids to the museum to learn about history can be an enriching experience for parents and children alike.



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