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Montana Books for Kids

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Montana is a land of big sky & vast landscapes. In this post about Montana Books for Kids, we will share some of our favorites that teach about the state, the history, and the landscape. I have a lot of great Reading: Book Recommendations for all Ages!

In addition to picture books for little ones, we have included chapter books based in this beautiful state.

Read on to see which Montana books are perfect for your child!

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Reading books is a great addition to your 50 states unit study.

Nicknamed Big Sky Country, Montana is one of the most beautiful states in my opinion! Plus, it is pretty huge! Covering more than 147,000 square miles, it is the fourth largest state in our nation.

There are nine National Park Service areas including two of the most famous National Parks: Glacier National Park and Yellowstone.

All of that gorgeous land, much of it protected, allows Montana to hold the record for the state with more different species of mammals than any other state! Montana is a haven for those who love wildlife, with more than 100 different types of mammals.

Some notable examples include elk, black bears, and grizzlies among others! Even caribou live there – just over the border from Canada into Northern Montana!

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What is Montana Famous For?

Montana is one of the great states of the Wild West! Native American history runs deep in the mountains and plains of this majestic state.

In addition to its rich Indigenous history (over 12,000 years worth!), many notable historical figures hail from or moved to Montana.

Montana is also known for:

  • The Battle of Little Big Horn
  • Lewis & Clark
  • Sacagawea
  • Mining
  • Cattle Ranching
  • Rocky Mountains
Photo of Glacier National Park and a title to represent this article of children's books about Montana.

Were Dinosaurs in Montana?

YES! A diverse array of dinosaurs lived in Montana.

The fossil records from Montana is various and extensive, with many different types of dinosaurs being found there: duck-billed hadrosaurs were common inhabitants back then.

Montana has an especially good fossil record of dinosaurs. In fact, North America’s first identified dinosaur remains became permanently embedded into this state’s history in 1854. The USA’s very first dinosaur remains were found in Montana near Judith Landing in the Missouri River Breaks National Monument!

You can even follow the Montana Dinosaur Trail! It is a great way to get closer to these ancient creatures. When you follow the trail, it will lead from Two Medicine in Bynum across the state to Carter County Museum where visitors can learn about what makes them so special. Each location offers a glimpse at the historic excavation sites and provides visitors with a better understanding of the giants that once inhabited our planet!



Montana Resources

The book list below contains stories that teach about many of the things we discussed above! Before reading the Montana Books for Kids with your child, talk about why and the significance of that book to the state of Montana.

Montana Books for Kids

Our top picks of Children's Books about Montana will help children learn about the state of Montana. We have included picture books and chapter books.

There are books about the state, the famous people of Montana, and even historical events.

We have also included stories based in Montana to help you reinforce the history of this great state.

Are you excited about learning about the vast land and varied history of this state with these resources and Books about Montana for Children?

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