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The Letter C Worksheets

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The kids will love using The Letter C Worksheets for learning fun! Use these letter c recognition printables as a great way to help your child learn letters, work on handwriting practice, and letter identification as well. These are great for fine motor skills and letter learning confidence. Be sure to check out my Letter of the Week Printables for even more printable worksheet fun!

Use these letter c writing practice sheets as a great way to work on handwriting practice and more! If you’re looking for great activities for your students or your kids, this is it!

Who says learning letters of the alphabet has to be hard? These letter activities prove that it can be a combination of fun hands and fun letter learning that helps identify the letter C.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

You can use this as a handwriting worksheet or for working on letter identification as well. Not only will they learn to write letters, but they’ll learn tracing skills, too. This is great for fine motor activities and learning the importance of paying attention to directions.

What it includes:

The pre-reader activities include:

  • Letter c coloring pages
  • Letter c tracing page options
  • Lowercase letter learning and uppercase letter learning.

Fun ways to use this printable:

You can easily use these learning worksheets like it is printed, but don’t forget that there are options for adding in even more learning fun!

The great part about having learning printables is that the kids can use them however works best for their learning curiosity.

Have a letter c scavenger hunt

See how many items in the house the kids can find that start with the letter C!

Print off the book and add it to your literacy center

Just because they completed the worksheets once, don’t get rid of it! Add it to the library area in your home so that they can the sheets as a reminder of how hard they worked and how much they learned.

Create a book

Since there are multiple pages to this book, bind them all together and create a book! This is a fun way for them to showcase their book and take it with them as they travel.

More Printable Letter Activities:

download letter c worksheets printable button

Sharing is caring!


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