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J is for Jaguar: Jaguar Crafts and Activities for Kids

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Are you and the kids studying the rainforest or the jungle soon? They’ll love to learn about the different animals that make their home there! And one of the animals that lives in the jungle is the jaguar!

It’s easy to confuse jaguars and leopards, so learning more about this animal is a great way to teach kids about the animals that live in different habitats and the similar members of the big cat family! When you’re ready to head to the jungle with the kids, you can share these fun jaguar crafts and activities to get started! There are simple big cat crafts, printable jaguar worksheets, and more you can try with the kids!

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Jaguar Crafts and Activities for Kids

J is for Jaguar: Jaguar Crafts and Activities for Kids

1. This simple Printable Jaguar Craft is an adorable art project to try with little ones!

2. The kids will love making and playing with this Jaguar Paper Plate Mask!

3. Learn more about where jaguars live with this printable Jaguars A to Z Activity!

4. Do your kids confuse jaguars and leopards? These fun jaguar facts for kids can help them to know which is which!

5. This super cute Googly-Eyed Jaguar Craft is a perfect activity for a jaguar unit!

Jaguar Crafts for Kids

6. Let the kids fill in this printable jaguar facts worksheet to review what they learned about this animal!

7. Did you know that there are black jaguars? This easy Black Jaguar Circle Craft is a fun fine motor and shape recognition exercise for preschoolers!

8. Make this Folded Paper Jaguar Craft in just a few minutes!

9. Show the kids how to make their own Aztec-inspired art with this Olmec Stone Jaguar Craft!

10. This Letter J is for Jaguar Craft is a great Letter of the Week activity!

Jaguar Activities for Kids

Jaguar Crafts and Activities for Kids Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are a wonderful way to turn these jaguar crafts and activities into a unit study for the kids!

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