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Seeds for the Birds : Peaceable Kingdom

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 Guess what!!! It’s family night! Time to get out a game and just spend some fun time with the family. Question is what game? Peaceable Kingdom offer several different kind of games that fit just about every need!

The thing I love the most about Peaceable Kingdom are their cooperative game. I haven’t heard of cooperative games until I discovered Peaceable Kingdom. Cooperative games are way at least in my eyes to end the constant  need to compete. My son is in kindergarten and has recently decided that he needs to win and be on top all the time. It drives me crazy!! With these cooperative games it teache

s team work verses working by yourself. Which we all know team work is a important skill that often gets overlook.

The main objective of Seeds for the Birds is to help mama bird to feed her babies. There are three baby birds. Each player helps gather seed and place them on the nest. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Like every game there is an obstacle that you must avoid. There is a pesky squirrel that wants the seeds as well! It is important that the seeds go to the birdies and not the squirrel!

The game is meant for anyone three and up! So it’s easy (but enjoyable) to play. You turn over one card, and do what the card says then it’s the next players turn. There are three different kind of cards: seed cards, bird cards, and the squirrel cards. When the seed card is up you put that amount of seeds onto a empty bird feeder. When you get a bird card you pick up all the seeds that are on the bird  feeders in that row. Then place all the the seeds in Mama Bird’s Nest! Congratulations you helped feed the babies! Now if you get a squirrel card you have to pick up all the seeds in that row and put them on the leaves near the squirrel. Bummer! So it’s important that you work with your team mates to get all the seeds for the birdies and not the squirrel!

Just by playing Seeds for the Birds you are teach your children some important lessons. One, to work together with others. Two, that games are about having fun and not about who wins. Three, math skills! In the end you are having fun with your family and teaching them lessons as well! What more could you ask for!

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