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How to Stop Dog Chewing Behavior

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Dogs that chew can be a problem for even the most tolerant families.

A dog that chews on carpeting, bedposts, table legs, shoes, and car interiors can quickly drive even a sane family crazy. Trust me!

I have a lot of patience, but NOT for dogs that chew. Let’s learn how to stop dog chewing behavior now.

how to stop your dogs from chewing everything

How to Deal with Dog Chewing Behavior

It can also be costly to replace the items destroyed by curious canine teeth.

Unfortunately, chewing behavior is common, especially among puppies that are into everything.

Most pups are eager to explore with their nose and teeth.

Is there a way to control a puppy or dog that chews and stop the destruction? YES!

What Causes Chewing Behavior in Dogs?

It’s important to understand why chewing behavior in dogs occurs in the first place.

Puppies start to chew at about three months because they’re eager to explore their environment and relieve the discomfort of teething.

how to stop dog chewing behavior

If ya’ll have ever had an adult dog, then this next part you will be able to relate to. Older dogs are more likely to chew because they’re stressed or bored.

There is always the thought that they haven’t been taught not to. It’s important for humans to set limits early so that destructive chewing behavior is limited.

Sometimes I’m not sure what is worse…a dog or cat. Doing puppy proof(ing) is never fun! Investing in chewing deterrents is a good idea.

How Can I Stop Chewing Behavior in My Dog?

When a mature dog is a chewer, it could be because he’s stressed or experiencing dog boredom. It’s important to look more closely at the surroundings of a dog that chews.

Does he have safe toys and bones to chew on to provide mental stimulation?

Solid rubber bones and balls that are large enough not to lodge in a dog’s throat (and that won’t shatter )are good options to reduce dog boredom and eliminate destruction of things around the house.

Toys Safe for Dogs to Chew On:

If a dog starts to gnaw on an inappropriate item, he should be immediately redirected to his toys and praised for chewing on them.

This reinforces acceptable chewing behavior. Isn’t puppy chewing the worst?

How Can I Help a Dog That Chews?

Dogs that aren’t given proper exercise on a daily basis may become bored or stressed and begin chewing on objects around the house.

A daily walk helps to relieve stress and helps dog and owner to bond more closely. This also allows your pup to explore the world around him.

Playing with a dog by throwing ball or Frisbee is another good release for pent up energy and can help reduce destructive behavior.

Y’all need to get your kids involved in taking care of the dog, too! Using these tips, the dog chewing habit will hopefully go away.

How to Reduce Chewing Behavior in a Dog

Another way to reduce chewing behavior is to keep tempting articles such as shoes out of a dog’s way.

Many people leave their clothing, purses, and shoes in easy reach of the dog and then wonder why it gets destroyed.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this if you have kids, especially boys! My boys leave their things EVERYWHERE!

Household objects can be sprayed with bitter apple spray available at most pet stores to discourage chewing.

This spray has a bitter taste that dogs hate, but isn’t harmful to them.

puppy wont stop chewing my things

What to Do as a Last Dog Chewing Resort?

If a dog that chews persists in his habits, it may be safer to keep him in a crate for the periods of time when he can’t be closely watched.

Most dogs enjoy the security of a comfortable crate with a padded blanket. In addition to keeping your home clear, it can help your dog with separation anxiety.

It will keep them from injuring themselves with their inappropriate chewing behavior and to avoid something unsafe like an electrical cord.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to the health and safety of your dog.

How do you keep your dog from chewing on stuff?

I’d love to hear all about it. Dog chewing has the tendency to drive me crazy!

Chewing habits are NOT a good thing. I hope some of these tips help.

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Friday 16th of August 2019

Our Golden Retriever was such a chewer. TV remotes, Game Boys, even homework notebooks(yes, I had to write a note that said when my son says the dog ate my homework, she really did!) She has been gone for over a year now, and I wish I would have know these tips before!