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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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Serving healthy food to my family has always been important to me. I not only care about what my family eats, but what my dogs eat as well. Anyone that knows me can tell you that my dogs are a huge part of my life (I mean, really – look at the same of my blog!). One way that my family bonds together (yes dogs included) is by enjoying mealtime together. When we sit down to eat, we feed our dogs as well. During movie nights,we allow them to cuddle on the couch with us. When we go on vacation, they go with us. Let me repeat, our dogs are part of our family! As a loving dog owner, I want to share my tips for keeping your dog healthy with a side of happy and showing them they are loved!

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Being a dog owner is one of the most important jobs one can have. Take your job seriously and make sure your pup is not only healthy but loved!

Food Selection – Selecting the proper food for your dog is so important. Feeding your dogs, the cheapest brand you can find is never a good option. In our home, we just Beneful because they believe in keeping dogs happy with a side of healthy. The Beneful product line is also made with real meats and vitamin-rich vegetables. I like the food is 100% complete and balanced and I’m sure my dogs enjoy the wide variety of flavors.

Beneful offers 8 different varieties of dry dog food which will all keep your pup happy and healthy. To find out which variety is right for your dog, make sure to head on over to the Beneful website. You don’t want to eat the same flavor every single night for dinner and neither do your animals.

With five dogs in our home ranging from 6 months to 10 years, options are important. Dogs at different ages have different needs.

Annie is our oldest at over 10 years and she is at the point where really paying attention to her weight is extremely important for us. I was trying to get pictures of Annie with her Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food, but the puppies were trying to get involved.

Beneful Healthy Weight

  • Help your adult dog maintain a healthy weight and still get excited for mealtime with this calorie-smart recipe. Give him 100% of the nutrients he needs, all in a mix of tender and crunchy bites. It’s everyday healthy and all kinds of yum.
  • with real chicken, accented with apples, carrots, and green beans

So, I had to put them behind the doggy door and they were so cute that I just had to get a picture of them. 🙂 Although they eat Puppy Food, they wanted to be in the pictures. LOL!

5 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Love – This might sound like a no-brainer to most people, but so many dogs don’t get the love they deserve. Feeding your pups and providing health care simply isn’t enough. Your dogs need to know and feel loved by you and the rest of your family. One way I make sure my dogs know they are loved is by having them enjoy mealtime with the whole family. Our dogs know that when they family sits down for dinner, it’s dinner time for them as well. Eating as a family isn’t just for the humans in our home, it’s a way for everyone to spend some quality time together.

Health Care – Part of owning a dog is ensuring they are healthy. If you own a dog or are thinking about getting a dog make sure you factor in health care. Your dog needs to have regular check-ups and the proper vaccinations. Dogs get sick just like their human family members. You can give your dogs a good healthy start by making sure they have a well-balanced diet.

Exercise – Just as exercise is important to humans, it’s also important for dogs as well. Making sure your dog is well exercised will help to promote a healthy lifestyle but will also help prevent your dog from getting bored. When dogs get bored they get into trouble. I promise you that if your dog is acting out, they are probably lacking exercise. Take your dog for a long walk, go for a run or throw the ball around in the backyard. Not only is it important but it’s a fun way to spend some quality time with your dog. Remember each dog requires a different level of exercise so try and follow your dog’s lead.

Annie is a Dainty Eater

Hygiene – Did you know that dogs need proper hygiene? Making sure your dog is clean and good hygiene is just another way you can show your love for your pup. Regular coat brushings, nail trimmings, flea treatment and baths are just some of the things your dog will need on a regular basis. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but it’s a great time to bond with your dog.

How do you keep your pups Healthy with a side of Happy?

Beneful dog food brings your best buddy tons of tastes & textures to nourish both inside & out. For more information, please visit

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Beneful. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

I really like the Purina brand dog food. I had to switch my dog's diet from Blue to Purina because he needed to take in less protein. Its definitely something to keep an eye on.

Cascia Talbert

Friday 4th of December 2015

I'm not an dog owner, but I'm sure these tips will help dog owners. Thanks for sharing them!