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How to Organize Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us.  Many of us make resolutions to get more organized or decrease clutter.  No matter how we word it, it means the same thing: get our house prettier!  Why wait until the first to get organized?  

As you start to take down the Christmas Decorations, make sure you put them away in an organized fashion.  Then, you are one step ahead of the game!  Here are several ways you can organize Christmas ornaments this year. Be sure to check out my Handmade Grinch Christmas Tree Ornaments for cute ideas!

How to Organize Christmas Ornaments

Do you have to store Christmas ornaments in an airtight container? 

During the winter, it is important to keep your Christmas ornaments in an airtight container or another air-restricted vessel.

Air exposure can cause moisture to seep into the ornament and damage its paint, material, and structural integrity.

Invest in a hard plastic container that seals shut with an airtight layer to keep your holiday decorations safe and secure. Even a small amount of air inside the container can loosen up colors and fragility on certain ornaments.

With a simple twist or latch, you and your family’s favorite decorations can remain safe until next year.

Should Christmas trees have their own storage bag? 

Christmas trees are a beloved holiday tradition in many households. This means that many families go through the hassle of setting up, decorating, and taking down a real tree each year.

Having a storage bag specifically designed to store your Christmas tree can make this process much smoother and more efficient.

Not only does it keep the tree safe during the off months, but it also eliminates the need for struggling to wrap branches around the trunk carefully.

Having a specially designed Christmas tree storage bag is truly an investment that can save time and effort in future holiday seasons!

When should I start taking down Christmas ornaments and putting them into storage?

Decorating for the holidays is always an exciting time – it marks the start of a festive season but also comes with the age-old question of when to take the decorations down.

Generally, it’s best to take down and store your Christmas ornaments no later than early January.

Of course, that timeline may not work for everyone due to commitments, school holidays, and other personal schedules.

An alternate solution is to organize decorations according to those that can be stored quickly and require more care.

Breakable ornaments should be taken down first, and then work your way up to minimize prep time when disassembling decorations in the new year.

What is the best way to store breakable ornaments?

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to store breakable ornaments, the single most important thing you need is bubble wrap.

Taking the time to wrap each ornament in crinkly bubble wrap properly will provide cushioning and an extra layer of protection.

Nothing beats that reassuring pop when tightly crafted bubbles burst as you softly place ornaments in a reinforced cardboard box or plastic storage container.

For additional security, sealed containers should be kept off the ground and stored indoors in a dry, climate-controlled atmosphere free from extreme temperatures.

With your breakables carefully secured with bubble wrap, now you can sit back, relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your precious holiday decorations are safely tucked away, ready for use at a future date!

How to Organize Christmas Ornaments

1.  I have a few super special and quite expensive ornaments – do you have a couple of those?  The best way to protect them through the packing and unpacking (assuming you don’t have the original boxes they came in) is to stick each one into a Christmas Stocking and wrap the stocking around it!

2.  To keep ornaments and other Christmas Decor from breaking, be sure to pack them in snugly, with padding between.  If they can’t shift, they are less likely to shatter.

3.  If you still have them, the original boxes the ornaments came in are your best bet for storing your fragile tree decorations – if not, or if you are sick of the stacks of boxes, then invest in a storage container like this 60Pc Christmas Ornament Storage Bag.

4.  Every year many people have to buy another box of 200 hooks because their ornaments seem to eat them while hibernating. 🙂  Then, the entire box is “put away” so that you “won’t lose it”.  Right?  Stop doing that from year to year!  In one of your ornament containers, make a space specifically for the extra hooks and extra lights!

5.   If you pack your containers with what you’ll need first on top, you can unpack and decorate as you go along instead of having to unload an entire case before getting started.  Seriously, this is smart! Personally, we put the biggest ornaments on first and work our way to the smallest.  This makes decorating the tree easiest.

Do you have a must-know tip for storing Christmas ornaments?  Share it with us in a comment below!

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Tracey Graham

Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Very nice ways to store your Christmas decoration. I store my Christmas stuff in boxes, but is very difficult to fix them the next year. I will try to organize them better this year!!

Samantha @ Stir the Wonder

Friday 9th of January 2015

I seem to have misplaced an ornament box this year, so used an egg carton to pack away some small bauble ornaments! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!


Tuesday 6th of January 2015

I store my ornaments in their original boxes, so I wrap my garland around a piece of cardboard and use it as cushioning between layers of ornaments.