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How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth

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This post is sponsored by Suchgood.

Dog breath is a real thing. And no matter how much you love your four-legged best friend, youre going to have moments where you really question what hes just eaten to have those smells coming out of his mouth. Dont worry, Ive been there, too. This is why I knew it was imperative to share how to clean your dogs teeth

Not only does oral health matter for your four-legged best friend but the area around your nose and face is going to be pleased with better smells, too. If youre worried about the process of cleaning your dogs teeth, rest easy because Ive found something that makes it a total breeze. And if youre looking for an easy way to keep your dogs teeth clean, Ive got you covered with great tips!

In this post, youre going to learn why dog teeth health is important and how you can easily start preventing plaque, and focusing on the dental health of your furry friend.

white dog chewing on toothbrush

Get rid of those thoughts of using a toothbrush on those sharp teeth and instead turn your focus on a simpler and natural approach. Because when it comes to a happy and healthy dog, figuring out a way to put their oral care first is key. 

Ive actually been a pet owner for MANY years. Having kids means that were always having animals brought home or just showing up at our house. Its part of the drill and one that Ive gotten pretty used to over the course of the kids growing up. But do you know what I wish? I wish this super simple and affordable way to clean our dogs teeth was around many years ago because it could have saved me time, sanity, and smelly situations as well! 

And did I mention that I normally have to pay a TON of money to take my fur babies to the groomer to get professional cleanings for their teeth? Its a long process that costs a lot of money…but dog owners rejoice, Ive got a better solution that I think youre going to love! (and its not dental treats, either!)

Why is dental cleaning important for dogs?

I actually know a few people that dont worry about the oral care for their dogs and that always catches me off guard. When you think about what a dog eats and how much strain and pressure they put on their teeth, it just makes sense to pay attention to their oral health. (hello bones, right?!)

One of the biggest reasons that dental cleaning is important for dogs is because it helps to eliminate problem areas and infections that can really cause your dog to become sick or injured.

Since dogs cant talk and tell us what is hurting or happening in their mouths, it really is up to us to be aware and do what we can to ensure that their teeth, gums, tongue, etc. are healthy and good to go. 

What happens if you don’t clean your dog’s teeth?

Bad things can happen if you dont help your dog with preventative measures to protect their teeth and oral health.

Your dog might lose teeth, continue to have really bad breath, and/or have horrible plaque buildup that can cause their teeth to rot or decay.

When you can prevent that, why wouldnt you?

At what age should I get my dog’s teeth cleaned?

This is a great question to talk to the vet about but youll find that between 6 months of age to 1 year old is a good age to start looking at the oral health of your dog. 

Will teeth cleaning help my dog’s breath?

For sure! Truthfully, plaque, and things stuck in your dogs teeth are what is causing them that bad breath. When you can help clean their mouth and teeth, youre going to notice a much more pleasant smell. 

If youre wondering how often you should clean your dogs teeth, keep reading to find a potentially perfect solution.

How can I clean my dog’s teeth naturally?

Im all about cleaning my dogs teeth in a natural way. This is because I really dont know what will, or wont, upset their tummies or cause other possible issues. And why would I even want to risk that? Our dogs are members of our family and we treat them that way. For this reason, we want to help them out in the best way possible.

This means we stay away from products that are unproven and products that contain chemicals or other items that might end up being harmful to our dogs. Instead, weve opted for the natural route in cleaning our dogs teeth, and here are the exact ways that we do it. 

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

These natural tips are easy to start doing right away!

Feed your dog good food

The ingredients in the dog food matter! If youre wanting your dog to process food well and not have bad breath, youre going to want to find dog foods that are full of healthy ingredients that are certain to help your dog grow and be strong in many different ways.

Don’t forget the chew toys

Even if you feel that your dog is holding a grudge towards you and only chewing on your shoes, its really probably not the case. Dogs chew things, plain and simple. This could be for a wide variety of reasons, including trying to take care of their teeth.

Keeping their teeth healthy and strong can be as simple as making certain that you have a natural chew toy nearby for them at all times. 

Establish a natural dental routine

This doesnt mean that you have to have monthly dental appointments for your dog but it does mean that you need to start this at home and continue with natural dental care each and every day. 

Ive actually found a crazy simple product that is pretty much hands-free and doesnt require me to do much other than pour a bit of it into our dogs water bowl. Thats literally it.

No brushing. No chasing them around the house while trying to convince them that everything is fine…none of that. Instead, I just have to add a bit of Suchgood Natural Water Additive to the water bowl every time I change it or refill and I get to set back and let it clean those sharp little teeth. 

Im not kidding at all when I say that this product is awesome and saves me so much time and energy. Ive got you intrigued, dont I? Read below to see what I recommend using when youre trying to effectively clean your dogs teeth. 

Products to use to naturally clean your dog’s teeth

Im pretty much obsessed with the ease of Suchgood Natural Water Additive for my dogs oral health. Ive recently discovered this product as its also quite new and I LOVE that its made of all-natural ingredients. My pup deserves the best, and I firmly believe that! 

Not only do I feel better knowing that my baby isnt eating harmful chemicals but using natural dog teeth products means that they help to safely balance the oral biome as well as help to prevent periodontal disease.


This means less stress for me and better overall mouth health for my dog. (and that also means better care for gums, tongue, and teeth which means that I have to take the dog to the vet less, too!) 

How to Use Suchgood Natural Water Additive

Would you believe me if I told you that you just add a capful to the water bowl when you change it out? Thats it. And yes, Im 100% serious. One capful helps to fight plaque and freshen up the funky dog breath, once and for all.

How can I get plaque off my dog’s teeth?

Since youre already planning on cleaning your dogs mouth and breath the natural way, lets talk about how to remove plaque from dogs teeth as well. Just one capful of Suchgood Natural Water Additive will not only clean your dogs mouth but will help with any plaque issues, too. Talk about a simple way to help your dog have healthy teeth!

Life is about to get very, very simple for you when it comes to dental pet care. 

If youre ready to put your money into a USA-made product that is great for ALL dog breeds and both sexes, you really cant go wrong with Suchgood.

And I cant help but wonder…What are you going to do with all your free time now that cleaning your dogs teeth has suddenly become so incredibly simple?! 

Make certain to try these methods rather than spend hours brushing your dogs teeth. Youre going to love how a little dental hygiene can really help to solve and eliminate a ton of the dental problems in your dog!

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