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DIY Dog Treat Jars That Are Perfect and Simple

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Looking for a fun and simple project that you can do at home? These DIY Dog Treat Jars are right up your alley! If you’re a dog owner, you need to make your own doggy treat jar! Great for holding dog bones or other dog treats or even a great doggy gift idea as well.

If you’re dog parents and love spoiling your pup with dog treats, these mason jars are great for filling up with their favorite treats.

Check out all these DIY Dig Treat Jars that the dogs will love!

No matter if your dog loves peanut butter treats or if you’re looking for a place to store dog toys, making your own dog treat jars are a great way to hold all their favorite treats! While they might not be big enough to hold tennis balls, they can hold a lot of other things!

How would these make a perfect gift for other dog moms?

More than likely, four-legged pup lovers have their own favorite treat recipes but many may not have ways to store them. This solves all their problems!

How hard are these dog treat jars to make?

Not hard at all. Using glass jars is a great way to make these storage options while keeping the dog treats as fresh and flavorful as possible.

DIY Dog Treat Jars

Making your own DIY Dog treat jar is a lot of fun!

The great thing about making these treat jars is that they’re ready in a flash. With just a few simple supplies, you’ll have a new storage container for all the dog treats and a place to keep them safe and away from our four legged friend.

Which of these DIY dog treat jars are you going to make first? You might want to make more than one to store all their treats!

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