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How to Put a Stop to Shedding in Dogs

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Shedding can be very problematic for pet owners, particularly owners of dogs like Siberian Huskies, Pomeranians, Norwegian Elkhounds, Malamutes and other breeds with a thick undercoat.

Keep reading to discover how to put a stop to shedding in dogs.

Even those who don’t own a dog breed that’s prone to shedding, will have to deal with fur on the floor, clothing and furniture. They will just have less of it.

how to stop dog fur from shedding

Fortunately, there are some fairly simple ways to prevent and reduce shedding in dogs. Consider the following methods which will largely eliminate shedding.

Reduce Dog Shedding With a Special Diet

A great deal of a dog’s shedding is the result of poor diet. Feeding a premium diet is key. Of course, everyone does what they can!

The first ingredient in dog food should be a meat, not a grain. A dog’s body is not designed to process large volumes of grains.

Poor quality dog foods don’t deliver the best nutrition. This will cause excess shedding and an array of health problems in the long-term.

Though premium dog foods may be more expensive, the dog actually requires less food because of it. These premium foods deliver more complete nutrition, making them a more economical choice in the long run.

Anti-Shedding Supplements and Vitamins for Dogs

For dogs who shed excessively, anti-shedding supplements are a great choice. These supplements, like linatone, contain oils that reduce shedding from the inside out.

A less expensive option, that works effectively in many dogs is vegetable oil. Give one to three tablespoons of vegetable oil (depending upon the size of the dog) with each meal.

my puppy sheds everywhere tired of dog hair

Dog vitamins are a great way to reduce shedding that’s the result of insufficient vitamins and minerals that are caused by poor nutrition.

There are also vitamins available that specifically provide the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy skin and coat.

Groom and Brush the Dog Daily to Eliminate Shedding

Brushing a dog on a daily basis (or, in the case of thick-coated breeds, two to three times daily) is key to reducing shedding. When a dog’s fur is brushed, the loose strands of fur are collected by the brush. I think brushing my dog’s hair is therapeutic.

Dog Grooming Tools:

The right dog grooming tools are essential. Check out these tools to help you with your dog.

If left in place, the dog would naturally shed the fur throughout the course of the day. So, brushing the dog serves to reduce shedding. It does this by collecting the fur, before it falls off the dog’s coat and lands on furniture, floors and clothing.

It’s essential that dog owners use the proper type of dog grooming brush; this will enable pet owners to remove fur quickly and effectively. There are also special pet brushes that are specifically designed to control shedding, like the Furminator.

When starting a daily home dog grooming routine, it’s normal for the dog to shed copious amounts of dead fur for the first week or two.

This means that brushing the dog will be more time consuming for those first couple of weeks and often, brushing is required two or three times per day.

Once the “build up” of dead fur is removed and the new diet is implemented, many dog owners find that grooming takes just a few minutes each day.

Control Shedding With Regular Dog Baths and Grooming

Grooming and bathing a dog on a regular basis is key to preventing shedding. Bathing and thoroughly brushing the dog will condition the skin and coat, while collecting loose fur that would otherwise be shed over the course of the coming days.

Notably, it’s vital that pet owners avoid bathing a dog too frequently, as this can actually harm the dog’s skin and coat through excessive drying since each bath removes the natural oils present on the dog’s skin and coat. For most dogs, bathing twice a month is sufficient to control shedding.

Eliminate Stress to Reduce Shedding

Stress can cause a dog to shed excessively. In fact, on that next visit to the veterinarian, take note of the dog’s coat. If the experience of visiting the veterinarian’s office is stressful, one can expect to see an increased amount of shedding taking place.

how to stop your dogs from constantly shedding

Some dogs who experience acute stress on a regular basis — like a dog who suffers from separation anxiety — will shed excessively. Treating separation anxiety and other causes of stress with medication and behavioral therapy will reduce shedding.

All dogs shed to some degree; it’s just a matter of learning to control shedding. Even a thick-coated dog’s shedding can be brought under control using the proper methods.

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