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Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper

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These Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Toppers are the perfect way to add a little extra fun to your holiday festivities. Whether you’re hosting a Grinch-themed party or just looking for a fun way to give treats, this printable will surely be a hit.

With the Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper, you can easily create a festive treat bag that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

photo collage of holiday treat bag toppers with text which reads Grinch Poop Bag Topper free printable

These fun and festive Grinch printables are the perfect way to add holiday cheer to your treat bags. Whether you’re giving out candy canes, cookies, or other goodies, these Grinch-themed toppers will make your treats look even more delicious.

Plus, they’re easy to print and assemble, so you can quickly prepare your treat bags. So get ready to spread some holiday cheer with these Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Toppers!

Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper

With this easy-to-use printable, you can create a unique and festive treat bag topper that will make your Grinch-themed treats stand out.

Whether you’re giving out Grinch-themed treats to your family and friends or just looking for a fun way to add a little extra holiday cheer to your kid’s lunchbox, this Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper is sure to be a hit. So don’t wait – grab a stapler and make your holiday season more magical!

easy grinch treat bag top for a grinch party with text which reads funny Grinch Poop Printable

Tips for Making the Most of these Grinch Poop Printables

To fully capitalize on these Grinch Poop Printables, consider these tips:

  1. Quality Printing Materials: Using quality paper and a good printer can significantly affect the final look of your treat bag topper. It’s worth investing in good quality cardstock and colored ink to ensure your Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper looks vibrant and sturdy.
  2. Variety in Bag Fillings: Keep the excitement going by varying the contents of each bag. Different combinations of treats and trinkets can ensure each one is a delightful surprise.
  3. Personalized Messages: Adding a personalized message on the back of the topper can make each bag feel more special and heartfelt.
  4. Crafting Party: Turn the assembly of the bags into a fun holiday crafting activity. Invite friends or family over, put on some festive music, and create your Grinch Poop Treat Bags together.
  5. Presentation: Consider how you present your treat bags. You could place them in a festive basket, hang them on your Christmas tree, or even incorporate them into your table setting as unique and playful favors.
  6. Recycle & Reuse: Encourage recipients to recycle the Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Toppers by using them as bookmarks or decorations after they’ve enjoyed their treats. This promotes sustainability and extends the life of your creative efforts.

The most important aspect is to have fun with it. Let your creativity shine, and enjoy the process of making these festive Grinch-themed treat bags.

Necessary Materials:

I know it’s helpful for you to know what I used so you can make the Grinch treat bag toppers just like I did:

Yeah, and that’s it. Seriously, isn’t that awesome?!

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Necessary Tools:

Turning this Grinch party printable set into actual party supplies is easy. To make all of these things, all I needed was:



Ideas for Filling the Grinch Poop Treat Bag

Just because I suggest filling the bags with chocolate chips doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that idea. Filling your Grinch Poop Treat Bag can be just as fun as assembling them! Here are a few creative ideas for fillings:

  1. Grinch Colored Candies: Fill the bag with green-colored candies like jelly beans, M&Ms, or gummy bears to match the Grinch theme.
  2. Holiday Cookies: Miniature holiday-themed cookies could be a sweet treat. Consider cookies shaped like the Grinch’s face or heart for an extra festive touch.
  3. Grinch Popcorn: Toss some popcorn in green food coloring and let it dry before adding it to the bag for a light and fun snack that stays true to the theme.
  4. Healthy Green Snacks: If you want a healthier option, consider green fruits like grapes or sliced kiwi. This can be a refreshing and nutritious alternative.
  5. Green Foil-Wrapped Chocolates: These look festive and align with the Grinch color scheme. They also add a touch of elegance to your treat bags.
  6. Themed Toys or Trinkets: Small Grinch-themed toys, stickers, or trinkets can be a non-edible surprise for the kids.

The key is to keep the Grinch theme consistent and the treats fun and festive.

photo collage of holiday treat bag top with text which reads Grinch Poop Bag Topper free printable

Explain the Grinch Poop Tradition

While the exact origins of the Grinch Poop tradition are slightly ambiguous, it is widely believed to be rooted in the popularization of Dr. Seuss’s classic holiday story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”. With his unique green color and grouchy demeanor, the Grinch’s character became a symbol of the Christmas spirit unconventionally.

As the character’s popularity grew, so did the variety of holiday crafts and treats inspired by him.

The Grinch Poop tradition, in particular, is a fun and novel concept that likely emerged as a creative way to incorporate the Grinch theme into holiday treats.

Despite its humorous name, Grinch Poop essentially represents any green treat or toy that is given during the holiday season, embodying the whimsical and festive spirit of the character – and poop that kids always seem to find funny.

Want More Grinch Printables?

In addition to the Grinch Poop Treat Bag Toppers, several other Grinch-themed printable ideas can add a fun and festive touch to your holiday gifts:

  1. Grinch Quote Printables: Print out famous quotes from the Grinch story and use them as tags for your gifts. You can even frame them for a unique and whimsical holiday decoration.
  2. Grinch Party Printable Set: Utilize this printable Grinch party printable set for a fun way to decorate for your Grinchmas party.
  3. Grinch Coloring Pages: Printable coloring pages featuring the Grinch and other story characters can entertain kids during the holiday season. Roll them up and tie them with a ribbon for a creative gift.
  4. Grinch Gift Wrap: Printable Grinch-themed gift wrap can add more fun to your presents.
  5. Grinch Advent Calendar: A printable Grinch-themed advent calendar can make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting.
  6. Grinch Christmas Cards: Hand out holiday cheer with printable Grinch Christmas cards. These can be personalized with a message and used to accompany gifts.

These Grinch-themed printables offer a delightful way to incorporate extra holiday spirit into your celebrations.

funny holiday treat bag topper with text which reads Grinch Poop Bag Topper free printable

Best Grinch Ideas You Can Make:

Once you’ve printed out your Grinch poop printable and turned them into treat bags or whatever you choose to do with this free printable, you’ll quickly discover how it adds an extra touch of whimsy to your holiday season with its delightful green-themed charm.

Why do it, you ask? Well, because it’s fun, cute, and all about embracing the Grinch’s spirit while celebrating one of the best holiday movies for kids. Or maybe it’s just me and my little ones who are utterly enchanted by it!

Here’s some exciting news for all you Whos out there in Whoville who share our love for this green-tinted fun adventure – we’ve got some fantastic ideas to share with you:

easy grinch treat bag top for a grinch party with text which reads funny Grinch Poop Printable

Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper

Yield: 3 Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Toppers
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $3

If you're looking for a fun and festive way to add a little extra cheer to your holiday season, why not try creating a Grinch Poop Printable Treat Bag Topper?! So fun!


  1. Print a copy of the Grinch Poop treat bag toppers.
  2. Cut out each of the three treat bag toppers.
  3. Add 1/3 of the chocolate chips to each of the 3 zipper top bags.
  4. Fold the treat bag toppers in half.
  5. Fit a treat bag topper onto the top of one of the zipper top bags and staple it in place.
  6. Repeat with the remaining two zipper top bags and enjoy!

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