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Get Your Toddler Costume Now

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We were given the chance to review a Anytime Costume to review in exchange for an honest opinion but that in no way shaped our opinion of this costume.

We consider Zeva to be our little “princess.” She ironically does love many different princess related shows too with a passion. Unlike me, she loves to play with her princess dolls and baby dolls. She is currently going through the purse stage and wearing my high heels. Plus she loves to brush my hair and she is eager to wear makeup to the point that she literally took KoolAide and attempted to use it as lipstick.

I knew what I wanted her to be this year for Halloween. Although I don’t celebrate it in the traditional sense, I do take my kids to many church events and they still get the chance to dress up. I jumped at the chance to get Zeva this really cute toddle costume. Princess dresses are really a great way to make your little girl feel like the true princesses that they are.

Being Daddy’s Princess

Every princess has the ability to wrap their father’s attention right around their little fingers. My daughter is no exception to the rule. I was having major issues getting the crown to stay on, but Del proceeded to get it on her just right.
Get Your Daughter Her Princess Costume
This little princess toddler costume is made rather well. It will withstand Zeva’s rough and tumble behavior at our Halloween events this year. Underneath the little dress it comes with matching panties so I don’t have to worry when she goes on the bouncy houses and slides. She tested it by  jumping around like a wild chimpanzee.
Get Your Toddler Costume Now

As you can tell from the above pictures, Zeva is more than thrilled with her costume. Even her Daddy, who is a man of short words on things like this, complimented the outfit. He was very pleased with how adorable his little princess looked.

Get Your Toddler Costume Now

I think this picture is just flat out adorable. I feel she is all set for Halloween 2014.

I did want to share with you this cute little Halloween song with you too for you and your kids to view together. It’s a cute little song to give your kids some spookiness now.

Have you figured out what costumes your kids are wearing this year? 

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