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G is for Guinea Pigs

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We’ve got a new member in our family!  Lenny the guinea pig was a gift for my daughter’s #3 birthday and everyone has been loving our furry little friend!   Of course, since we’re new to the guinea pig world, we had a lot of learning to do!

G is for Guinea

We picked up some books at the library including:

Taking care of your guinea pig by Joyce Pope

Pet guinea pigs by Julia Barnes

Guinea pigs by John Burstein

We also grabbed One Guinea Pig Is Not Enough, which was more of a fun counting book.  It had great pictures and the kids really enjoyed reading it.  I think you can even read it for free on Google Books.

 Little Whistle was another book we read about an adventurous Guinea Pig who lived in a toy store.  It wasn’t very educational, but it was pretty cute!


In all our reading, we learned that guinea pigs did not come from guinea as many people believe, but rather they originally came from Peru.  They are most likely called guinea pigs because they were sold for a guinea (coin) and they often make squealing noises like a pig.  Speaking of noises, our little Lenny is quite the chatter box.  I wanted to know what all his noises meant, so I found this great site that actually records guinea pig noises and then interprets them for you.

We saw a number of different types of guinea pigs in the various books, and my three year old absolutely LOVED the long hair guinea pigs.  We’re starting to do a little charting and graphing, so making a chart with long hair vs. short hair or different colors of guinea pigs would be a great math activity for the little ones!

I also found this book on Amazon called Guinea Pigs! Learn About Guinea Pigs And Learn To Read – The Learning Club!.  You can read this book for free if you have Amazon Prime or you can snag it for .99 otherwise.

Product Details

There are plenty of pictures, but it’s certainly not a beginner reader book.  It might be perfect for the graphing a activity though.  Then you don’t have to fumble with pages in a book.

Don’t forget to complete the “All About” chart for guinea pigs and have a great Easter!  Oh, and if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your kids for Easter still, guinea pigs do make terrific pets!  🙂  Just saying!

Sharing is caring!

Brandi N.

Wednesday 27th of March 2013

oh i love this! my 4 yo daughter calls them skinny pigs :) makes me giggle everytime!