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Funnybone : A Game For The Family

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Just recently I was thinking we needed more games that we could do with our kids, something appropriate for a 3 year old and 5 year old. It seemed like every game I was finding was good for Zoey but not good for Bryson. Or it was the other way around.  I recently had a chance to try Array & SpecTrix from Funnybone.

These games kind of remind me of Uno and Dominoes combined, but better!! Spectrix has 96 rectangle cards of different colors. The whole point is to build different color groups, or you can mix and match them into straights following the color wheel.  These could go every which way! That’s the fun part – it’s not set in one way. Or you could just play a color memory game to help teach your children the colors!

The Array is my son’s favorite. He loves the splatter card! Array comes with 70 Array cards and 12 action cards. This game can be played on a table, but I highly suggest on the floor. We ran out of room when we did on the table. You will be very impressed with how big the layout can get.

I love these games for many reasons. They are fun for the whole family. They are educational, which is always good in my eyes. My three year old loves naming what color she has or needs. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with the family!

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Sharing is caring!