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Fourth of July Cookies!

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Today, the weather was just cool enough to justify turning on the oven and making some tasty Fourth of July cookies!  Independence Day is my husband’s all time favorite holiday, so we’ll take any excuse to celebrate around here! Add this recipe to your list of favorite yummy cookie recipes!

Let’s Get Started!

What You Need:

  • Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • Cooke Cutters
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cookie Ingredients

What You Do:

Pick out some Fourth of July themed cookie cutters.  We picked stars, fireworks, a truck and fire truck (from a parade), American flag, and a foot.

Fourth of July Cookies!

Next we mixed some some tasty sugar cookie dough!!

Fourth of July Cookies!

I got out the play dough mini-rollers and washed them so the kids could use them to roll out the dough, but  for some reason, they didn’t really work out.   Instead, I rolled out the dough for the kids and then they cut out shapes.  It was a good time to practice patience as each kid waiting for their dough to be rolled out.    There was a lot of rolling and re-rolling going since the dough was pretty sticky!

Fourth of July Cookies!

There was also a little dough eating!

Fourth of July Cookies!

Ready to bake!

I seriously need some new cookie sheets!

Fourth of July Cookies!

For the frosting, I used this recipe over at Tablespoon but I used Stonyfield Greek instead of the whipping cream.  Very tasty!!

As for our decorating, we stuck to the old classic ziploc bag method.  Just mix up frosting and the food coloring of choice in a plastic bag and then cut a VERY small hole in the corner.  Seal the top and squeeze away!

Fourth of July Cookies!

White frosting!

Fourth of July Cookies

Red Frosting!  (Errr… kind of pink frosting)

Fourth of July Cookies

Blue Frosting!!

Fourth of July Cookies

As you can see, a few cookies ended up with a real heap of frosting.  Okay by me!!

Preschool Cookies


Books to Read:

  • Happy Fourth of July, Jenny Sweeney
  • Red, White, and Boom

Enjoy your holiday!! 

Sharing is caring!


Monday 22nd of July 2013

Thanks for stopping in Helen. We certainly had fun making them!

Miz Helen

Sunday 7th of July 2013

What special memories to cherish! Your Cookies look awesome.


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Those are really cute! Love how you made them with your kids. As a once upon a time homeschooling mom kids in the kitchen with me wasn't my thing. I know, how terrible! We did it some though.


Thursday 27th of June 2013

I know what you mean! The sugar cookies started out a little crazy, but we settled into a good routine!