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Fathers Day Gift Guide for the Handy Dad!

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If your Dad (or Husband) is handy around the house you could always get him the typical Dad gift like a tool set or some type of loud power tool.  Or, you can give him something that makes him say, “OK, this is cool!!” because it is unique and not something you can just find in any store.  He will have to use it immediately and then tell all his buddies about the awesome gift he got for Father’s Day this year. Check out my other  gift ideas for everyone as well.

Here are a few of my picks from the submitted ideas:

DewStop Fan Switch


DewStop has taken its patent pending technology and packaged it into a single fan switch anyone can install!

Simply connect your new or existing bathroom exhaust fan to the DewStop switch. When DewStop senses rising condensation levels, it automatically turns on the fan and keeps it on until the condensation is no longer a problem and your room is dry.

You can also turn it on and off manually when you want to, or just rely on the DewStop sensor to do the job.

It retails for $49 for the fan only and $59 for a fan and light switch.

It is sold online at its own website and at Ace, Lowes, Menards

Be sure to follow DewStop on FaceBook for more information

Peel-n-Stick Parking Aid

parkingtargetAvoid dings and dents by parking in the correct place and the same place every time, with the Peel-n-Stick Parking Aid. This Patented Product MADE IN THE USA is a simple and easy solution to a common problem…parking so that you don’t bump into anything and making sure you have enough room to get in and out of the car. Parking is the same place also allows you to use the space in you garage more efficiently. you will quickly wonder how you lived without this product and know that its the best $10.00 you ever spent.


Sold At:, ACE Hardware, Sutherlands,

Retail Price: $9.99

Picture 2738

Wikki Stix Fixables®

Made of wax and yarn, Wikki Stix Fixables® adhere to most smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure…perfect to hold two parts together. And more! Versatile, handy, amazing!  You gotta try ’em and see for yourself.

Easy to Use
Endlessly Reusable
Thousands of Uses

Use Fixables for:

    • Extension Cords: Can be wound up and secured with Wikki Stix to keep them from getting tangled or unwound.
    • Hard to open jars or small bottles? Wrap a Wikki around the top and it will unscrew easily.
      Sports Equipment: Tennis racquets and golf clubs with slippery grips will be much easier to hold onto if you wrap a few Wikki Stix around them…works temporarily until you can get them properly re-gripped.
    • Crafts & Holiday Ideas: Use Wikki Stix to secure decorations onto wreath, or other craft creations. Secure lights onto Christmas tree, cord into branches, outdoor lights onto nails.
    • Around the House: Tie snack bags shut with Wikki Stix; secure candle in candle holder; photos down in place; circle important dates on the calendar (just cut Wikki Stix into short lengths and press into circle around date); wrap a Wikki around finger when turning papers or pages. Position stick-up & information note to children…(like no TV until homework is done).
    • Emergency Help: Quick repair for jewelry, watchbands, eyeglasses.
    • Sewing: Use Wikki Stix to keep buttons close at hand when you are doing some quick repair work! Just stick one Wikki on table or wall, etc. and press the buttons you will need right onto it…easy to take them off.
    • Workshop: Keep nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, washers…any small hardware in nice neat order and ready for use.
    • Hard to retrieve items: Drop something small behind the couch or counter? Put a couple of Wikki Stix on the end of a broom handle or coat hanger and the item will stick right onto it for easy retrieval.

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We can’t forget about the brand new dads who are much too busy to actually do stuff around the house and the Dad’s to be that want to be involved, too!  Put all other gifts for new dads to shame with Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. This gift set is chock-full of useful and humorous tools that combine functionality and fun. The toolbox has everything a new father to be needs to survive and is a great way to include dad in all of the excitement that comes with preparing for a new baby.

Where to Buy: for only $36.99

The gift for new daddies or daddies-to-be.  It is fun and functional!

Be sure to find this fun gift on Facebook:

**Disclaimer, I went through numerous emails trying to find the perfect gifts for this guide and then we sent items from those picks.  Any and all opinions expressed are y own and no money exchanged hands!

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Wednesday 6th of June 2012

Thanks so much for the great gift ideas! Love the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox, cute!