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Easter Basket Ideas for Boys of All Ages!

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Don’t miss out on these Easter Basket Ideas for Boys of All Ages! These Easter basket fillers for the kid’s baskets are great for kids of all ages!

All kids love a basket full of toys and candy, so it is no small wonder that Easter is something children look forward to each year. Every Easter basket should contain standard items like chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs filled with candy, but it is fun to tailor the basket to the child who will receive it as well!

Peek at these ideas to make a special basket for a young boy. Check out these fun Easter gift ideas for boys!

The list could go on and on regarding things that boys love. Mad libs books, Star Wars Gift Ideas, and sidewalk chalk are just a few things that come to mind.

But don’t forget that the Easter Bunny also likes to bring Easter-themed baskets and fun gifts for Easter Egg hunts!

Some of these lists for Easter basket additions can be a fun way to get everyone excited about Easter, no matter how old they are! Have girls?  I have a list of Easter Basket Ideas for Girls as well!

What is the perfect size of an Easter Basket?

Honestly, it just depends on what you want. Remember that all the additions you want to add to the Easter Basket don’t have to fit inside.

I always have things just sitting outside of it, too! (or should I say that the Easter Bunny does!)

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Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

These themed Easter Basket ideas would work for little and teenage boys with just a few tweaks! Just add these to the list above for some super awesome ideas!

  1. Movie Night – A big Plastic Popcorn Tub makes the perfect base for this basket – give the little ones some of the movies and coordinating goodies they have been asking for.  Give the bigger ones a movie and/or gift certificates to the local movie theater!
  2. Sports – Ball, wrist bands, water bottles, new sports bags, new shoes (cleats), and other sport-themed goodies!
  3. Cars – Think small boys and fill it up with Disney Cars or think BIG boys and fill a water bucket with cool things for their car.  In that case, a gas card and/or car wash certificate would be nice!
  4. Minecraft – Create a basket out of foam blocks and fill it with Creepy Peeps, Minecraft posters, game credit, and more!  You could even hook them up with the new headset they have been begging for!
  5. War of the Boys – It is Nerf-tastic in our home!  You could fill a basket with Nerf bullets and even a Nerf game or gun!  If you have an older boy who hunts, you could go with real bullets, Camo, etc.!
  6. Artistic – Paints, markers, new brushes, cement glue, model kits, and other artsy-fartsy things in an organizer would be great for your little (or big) crafter!
  7. Favorite Color – Is your child really into a certain color? Create a basket filled with only (insert favorite color here) items from candies to pens to clothing!
  8. Musicality – Fill them up with CDs, MP3 download credit, iTunes cards, new headphones, new speakers, concert tickets, favorite band posters, or a book!
  9. Favorite Team – Create a basket filled around your child’s favorite sports team
  10. Beach Blanket Bingo – Fill an ice chest or beach bucket with a towel, a new swimsuit, sunblock, flip-flops, sand toys, balls, floats, kites, etc., to prepare your little (or BIG) fella for the beach this summer!
  11. Mr. Smell-Good – Your older boys will love some cologne, body spray, manly bath gel, hair paste/gel, shaving cream, etc. – but you might be surprised by your little one as well!  Fill a little bucket with bubble baths, bath paints, fizzies, and bath toys!
  12. Through the Stomach to the Heart – Candies and snacks are great for all – the little ones would love a play-dough shop (my favorites are:  BBQ Creations, Cookie Creations, Taco Time), and the older ones would love some restaurant gift certificates!

Pre-filled Easter Baskets for Boys

Sometimes, buying a pre-filled Easter Basket is much easier than buying all the bits and pieces to create your own.  In those cases, here are my picks!

  1. Movie and Game Night Easter Basket
  2. Its Game Time! Boredom & Stress Relief Gift Set – LARGE – Great for Kids, Teen & Grown-Ups Alike
  3. Purple Easter Basket For Kids
  4. Spiderman Gift Basket
  5. Paw Patrol Easter Basket
  6. Football Easter Basket

See how many great gift ideas there are for boys? It’s important to remember that an Easter basket should be planned with gift ideas that you know they’ll appreciate and love!

What are some family ideas for Easter Basket additions?

Card games are one of the biggest things you can put in the Easter baskets that are great for families! These additions will have everyone joining in on the fun of playing together to create holiday memories and fun.

Easter Basket Fillers or Gifts for Boys

These are great gift ideas to put into the Easter Baskets of boys of various ages!

Easter basket ideas for boys aged 2-5

These are great gift options for younger boys! Perfect for putting in their Easter baskets.

Easter Treats for Elementary School Boys

Boys aged 6 to 9 are into action figures like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman as well as creative play games like Pokemon and Bakugan. Other items to consider putting into the basket of a kid this age include:

Easter Gifts for Tween Boys

Boys who are 10 to 12 years old might sometimes act like they've left childhood behind forever, but don't believe it for a minute. Tween boys will be super excited about an Easter basket if it contains some favorite things.

Which of these Easter Basket gift ideas are you going to choose?

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Shannon Gurnee

Thursday 3rd of March 2016

These are definitely some great ideas for creating a Boys-themed Easter basket! Love the items you could potentially put in one! Thanks for sharing.


Monday 29th of February 2016

Omg what cleaver Easter basket ideas!!! I seriously cannot believe Easter is almost here!!

Marielle Altenor

Sunday 28th of February 2016

We don't normally have baskets but I think this year we might. So many fun ideas for Easter baskets!!


Sunday 28th of February 2016

These are all were cute baskets for easter, Thanks for this idea and will try it


Sunday 28th of February 2016

Wow Easter is almost here huh? I think these are great ideas for little boys to enjoy a basket!