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18 Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

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Easter is coming, are you ready?  I don’t have girls, but I have nieces and I was a girl at one point. LOL!  I have come up with 18 Easter basket ideas for girls to help you fill up a themed basket this year!  With a little modification, all basket ideas work for all ages of daughters. Check out my other  gift ideas for everyone as well.

themed basket filler ideas for girls

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls:

You obviously know your child best, but hopefully one of these ideas will be perfect for her or will give you a great jumping point to creating the perfect basket for your daughter(s)! We have so many great Easter ideas.

  1. Pamper Me – For the older girls, consider a spa day certificate, facials, make up, etc and for the younger girls think of the non-toxic little girl lip glosses!
  2. Fashionista – From dress up fun to adorable spring outfits! …don’t forget the accesories like a big purse as the basket, belts, scarves, shoes, and more!
  3. Beach Party – Fill a basket or bucket with a new swimsuit, towel, sun block (or tanning lotion for the older girls), beach balls, water spritzer, and more!
  4. Everything Glitters –  Girly-girls love things that sparkle!  For the older girls, give her some pretty jewelry and the younger girls would love some costume jewels for sure!
  5. Write Now! – Girls love to record their thoughts so make a basket based around this.  From journals to colored pens this could be super fun!  The little girls could get some coloring books and crayons.
  6. Movie Night – Pretty simple – a basket based around their favorite movie with the included DVD, or a popcorn bucket filled with movies, boxed candy, and popcorn.  You could give an older daughter gift certificates to the local movie theater!
  7. Pump Up The Jam! – iTunes gift cards, sheet music, CDs, speakers, headphones, new iPod or MP3 player, posters of favorite bands, etc.  Make a basket based on the music your girls love for teens, tweens, and kids!
  8. Hair Today -Gift certificate to the hair salon, new straightener, and/or fun hair products are perfect for your older daughter.  Ribbons, barrettes, hair chalk, and colorful clipins are perfect for your younger one!
  9. Reading Time – a Kindle or Amazon credit for your girls.  What about some books or a basket based around a favorite book character?
  10. Mani / Pedi –  From nail salon gift certificates to a complete nail kit, building a mani/pedi basket is super easy!  Go to the dollar store and stock up on creams and supplies then use a foot soak tun as the basket!  Wet N Wild has low prices polishes perfect for this!  For the younger girls, I love this Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift set!
  11. Yummy in My Tummy – From a chef set to favorite snacks to an adorable apron you could go all out with a Cookbook for Kids and more.  Your older daughter might even love a few cooking classes!
  12. Favorite Color – What is your daughter’s favorite color?  Build an entire basket based around it from sweets & treats to jewels and clothes!

Pre-Filled Easter Baskets for Girls:

Sometimes, we just don’t have the time or creativity to create the perfect basket – or we realize it is cheaper to buy a premade. LOL!  In case that is you at the moment, here are my top picks for pre-made baskets for girls!

  1. Easter Gift Baskets for Girls – Disney Tinker Bell
  2. Hoppin’ Easter Fun – Girl: Child’s Easter Basket Ages 3 to 5 Years Old
  3. Egg-Xtreme Glamour Girl: Easter Gift Basket for Girls Ages 6 to 9 Years Old

Have a son?  Be sure to check out my Easter Basket Ideas for Boys post, too!

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Monday 14th of April 2014

These are all great ideas, Kelli!