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Earth Day Preschool Math Worksheets

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Use these Earth Day Preschool Math Worksheets on April 22, 2024, for math learning fun! Earth Day is a great way to educate the kids about recycling and caring for Mother Earth – with math sprinkled in!

I love themed worksheets and printables because they help to reinforce ideas and learning objectives. Plus, these free printables are great for hands-on fun! Use them for number identification and counting fun!

There are many great reasons to celebrate Earth, so why not make it an all-day learning event? These free printable worksheets are fun learning math resources and are easy for kids of all ages.

Grab simple supplies for these worksheets, and let the learning fun begin! The kids will have a blast working through the printable pages and be amazed at how much math they know how to do!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

When it comes to printables, kids need to learn various things. The main focus of every page is geared toward math skills, but they can also be used to work on listening skills, direction-following, handwriting, and fine motor skills.

Each page has fun pictures focusing on Earth Day, where they can see the number of items and connect the pictures to matching numbers or actions.

What it includes:

As soon as the printables arrive in your inbox, print them and let the learning fun start. The pages include multiple pages of math learning fun, all Earth Day-themed!

They can use a pencil, pen, crayons, or whatever writing tool works best. Have them work through the pages and watch their learning confidence grow right before your eyes! They’ll be math experts in no time at all!



Fun ways to use this printable:

While I’m all about learning at home, don’t forget to let these printables encourage and inspire even more learning fun.

Here are a few other great learning resources you can use with the kids!

Teach the kid about recycling

Teaching kids about recycling is super important because it helps them learn about responsibility and protecting the environment.

Even something as simple as sorting trash can make them want to keep the Earth clean for the rest of their lives. Imagine how cool it would be to see a kid’s face light up when they hear about what happens to a soda can after you throw it away.

Recycling shows them that every little thing counts and that they can make a big difference in the world. It gives them a sense of purpose and pride and helps them grow into adults who care about the planet.

Every time they recycle a bottle, they do their part to improve the world – a cleaner, greener, and more awesome Earth for everyone!

And if you want to factor in math skills, have them count out the items as they recycle them. This is hands-on learning fun!

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Go on a nature walk and count objects along the way

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by taking the kids on a nature walk? It’s a simple way to slow down, talk about what you see in nature, and let the kids explore the great outdoors.

Use this as a fun time to identify trees, listen to the birds sing, and even lay on your back and look at the clouds in the sky.

As you walk around, have them focus on counting the trees, rocks, or squirrels. This is an excellent way for them to work on number skills and be active and engaged.

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Go on a picnic

Celebrating Earth Day can be a wonderful family affair, mainly when it involves a leisurely picnic with the kids amidst nature’s own.

Have your little one count all the plates, napkins, and forks needed for the picnic to ensure that enough is taken for everyone.

While the picnic is set up, the kids can run around the park, discovering the beauty of the outdoors. Once it’s time to eat, have them return and count the treats or snacks divvied up!

More Printable Earth Day Activities for Kids:

Celebrate Earth Day with a burst of creativity and learning using our collection of free printable activities for kids! Engage your little environmentalists with coloring pages featuring our beautiful planet, wildlife, and nature scenes.

Get hands-on with DIY craft instructions that turn recyclable materials into art, teaching sustainability most enjoyably.

Our educational worksheets will enhance their understanding of environmental issues, while word searches and puzzles make conservation knowledge an exciting challenge.

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