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Earth Day Worksheets

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Earth Day Worksheets are a fun and educational way to teach the kids about the importance of caring for our Earth. These printable coloring pages and activities are great for all ages!

Use these free printables to help understand all the beauty of the Earth and how kids can help maintain that beauty through their daily actions and choices.

I love putting the focus on Earth Day. Since it’s all about learning how to be helpful and take care of the Earth, I think it’s a great learning resource that can be taught yearly.

Plus, you’re never too old to learn about how you can help change the world! Small steps towards making the Earth better make a big difference!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The fun part about printable creation is that many learning objectives can be done on one page.

Each page will have a picture of something on the Earth, the actual word of the picture, and a space to trace the word.

And yes – the pages were created in black and white so the kids can color and be creative with the pictures!



What it includes:

This free Earth Day printable packet includes multiple pages of Earth Day fun. Each page has a word, a picture, tracing, and blank space to be as creative as they want!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

There are always ways to branch off and have more learning fun with printables! Why stop learning about subjects when so much more information exists?

Plant a tree with the kids

This Earth Day, ignite a spark of environmental stewardship in young hearts by planting a tree with the kids. It’s a hands-on way to teach them about our planet’s delicate ecosystem and the role trees play in sustaining it.

Children delight in digging their hands into the soil, a connection with nature that often remains with them as they grow. Together, you can select a perfect spot, perhaps your backyard or a local park, and embark on the meaningful journey of nurturing new life.

As you plant the sapling, discuss the benefits of trees—from the oxygen they provide to the homes they offer wildlife. Watch the children’s eyes light up with wonder and pride as they realize they’re contributing positively to their world.

Each time they see the tree, they’ll be reminded of a delightful day spent in service to Earth, reinforcing a lifelong commitment to caring for our environment.

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Have a fun Earth Day celebration

Celebrating Earth Day with kids presents a wonderful opportunity to foster a love for nature and teach them about environmental stewardship. It can be a day filled with joy and learning, encouraging little ones to become guardians of the planet.

A neighborhood cleanup expedition spruces up the area and instills the value of community service. Incorporating games that revolve around wildlife and ecosystems can make learning fun.

Wrap up the day with stories shared beneath a tree canopy or the night sky, reminding us that every day is Earth Day through the actions we take and the lessons we impart to the young minds who will inherit this world.

Draw pictures of nature and the Earth

Drawing pictures of nature allows kids to explore their creativity while developing an appreciation for the Earth’s beauty and diversity.

Gathering an array of colored pencils, crayons, and paper, we can guide young artists to recreate the lush greens of forests, the vibrant blues of oceans, and the myriad hues of wildlife. This hands-on activity fosters a sense of environmental stewardship among children and helps them understand the importance of preserving our planet.

By capturing the essence of Earth on paper, kids learn to value and protect it – ensuring they know every day is Earth Day.

More Printable Earth Day Activities for Kids:

Printable Earth Day activities offer a fun and educational way to engage kids with our planet’s environmental challenges and the importance of conservation.

From colorful worksheets that teach about recycling and renewable energy to interactive puzzles that introduce various ecosystems and wildlife, these printables provide tangible tools for youngsters to explore and understand ecological concepts.

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Often incorporating art and creativity, kids can create posters encouraging environmental stewardship or play games that underscore the effects of pollution. Earth Day printables foster a deeper appreciation for our natural world and empower the next generation to be proactive in its protection.

These activities are easily accessible, perfect for classroom or home learning, and serve as a springboard for meaningful discussions about how even the smallest hands can make a big difference.

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