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Dorm Room Essentials for Guys

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Is your son ready to start his first semester in college? Help him stock his dorm room with all of the essentials to make the space his own and his days a little bit easier.

From basics like a full bedding set, to his own mini fridge, and an alarm clock, here are ideas to make sure you get all the dorm room essentials for guys. Check out my other gift ideas for everyone as well. 

College for Guys Dorm Room Essentials

Most of the time, incoming college freshmen are still teenagers and we need to guide them as much as possible! 

Dorm Room Essentials for Guys 

When your son, nephew, or brother is headed to college, they’re going to need some essentials ya’ll. Ya can’t just sent them to college with nothin’.

You better believe that having three boys means we’re going to be shopping a lot when this season of life rolls around. Let’s dig in and see what these dorm room essentials are! 

heartybay mesh shower bag, shower caddy large bathroom hanging mesh bag with 7 pocket and backpack, Portable organizer tote, College dorm room accessories for guys, Dry Quick & Conditioner, Black

Let’s be honest here, the guy in your life is going to need a shower bag like this. Some dorm rooms have showers close to the rooms and other dorms have showers that are pretty far away from the rooms. So, you can just view this as a way to make your kid’s life a little easier. Oh, and don’t forget the flip flops. Any person needs flip flops, especially in a dorm room shower. 

16 Piece Guys Student Starter Pak – Twin XL College Dorm Bedding and Bath Set (Color: Black Hampton Plaid)

Save space by getting your kid a college dorm bedding set. I like to buy these sets when we actually get to the college and have it delivered. If your son chooses a college that’s far away, you won’t have room in the vehicle to necessarily haul this around. I like to make sure he has a nice desk lamp in his dorm room too! Hey, a mattress pad is not a bad idea either. 

Magic Chef MCBR240S1 Refrigerator, 2.4 cu.ft, Stainless Look

Not all colleges have things like refridgerators and coffee makers. This is something you or him may need to buy. Ya’ll, do not make your kid go to college without a coffee maker. There are going to be some late nights of studying and your kiddo is going to need that coffee maker and maybe a set of noise canceling headphones! 

Seville Classics 15-Drawer Organizer Cart, Black

I like to teach my sons how to be organized, especially if they’re going to be heading off to college! I prefer the extra long cart organizers because boys need lots of room to stay organized! You won’t regret making sure they have something like this in their college life. 

Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Computer Desk Cart, Height-Adjustable from 20.5

There isn’t always a lot of room in dorm rooms, especially in guy dorms. For some reason ya’ll, they think guys don’t need as much space. Bed risers and regular twins (beds) take up so much space in those dorm rooms! A laptop computer desk cart is actually pretty genius. 

Crew Furniture 512060 Classic Video Rocker Black/Red Mesh Racing Stripe

Furniture for a dorm room, especially for a guy, needs to be functional. I feel as though this crew furniture is pretty awesome! Plus, you can secretly tuck dryer sheets around it, so it doesn’t smell when you come to visit. 

BLACK+DECKER DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug, Black/Stainless Steel

I told ya’ll that you should NEVER send your son to college without a coffee maker! I love that this one allows them to have a travel mug. College students need to be able to take their coffee with them!

Stylish Dumbbell Alarm Clock – White (2 x AAA)

Don’t let your son go to college without an alarm clock. Have them put it on the side of their room, so they’re forced to get up and turn it off. However, an alarm clock is necessary when anyone is in college. 

Vintage Industry Robot Water Pipe Table Lamp American Style Rural Vintage Wrought Iron Desk Light Creative Super Fighting Hero Desktop Light Reading Lamp Study Bedroom Bar Cafe

Some nights are going to be spent staying up late, especially while your son is in college. Any guy is going to need a reading lamp to help keep them away as they study!

Magnetic Dry Erase Board – Cork Calendar Board, 18 x 24 Whiteboard/Corkboard, Wood Finish Frame, Magnetic Bulletin Board for Home or Office (J1160) (Brown)

You can only hope that after your son does his face washing in the morning, he can go back and remember to look at his dry erase boards. These are great for writing messages to your son, as he is off growing up and all that crazy stuff we don’t like to talk about! 

Dorm Room Essentials for Guys

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