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For many, many years, I was unable to decorate my home the way I wanted. I had a passel-load of little boys that were, inevitably, destructive. No matter how many times I told them to go outside, stop running in my house, stop throwing the ball, stop doing all the little boy things, things still happened.

Then, we lucked into my dream home, a 100 year old, Colonial-Style, Plantation home! It is beautiful, and ostentatious, and everything I have always wanted. It is so big, and I am so cheap, that though we have been here since 2014, it still has so much decor necessary. You can find out more about Miller Manor here.

The problem is that I have changed what I like! I have always been very into bright, summer colors… but my home is growing on me and I am settling quite comfortably into its old farmhouse appeal.

In March 2020, I redesigned my blog to match the increasingly “Old Farmhouse Chic” decor in our home! You can still find bits of my boys in the design, but it reflects their maturing ages!

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Sharing is caring!