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Keeping Older Kids Entertained This Summer

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Have your kids reached the “I’m so Bored” point of summer yet?  Here’s a few suggestions to keep the kids entertained during these last few days of summer.

Sidewalk Chalk

Older Kid Summer Activities

It may seem like a “little kid” thing, but there are a lot of fun activities you can do with sidewalk chalk.  Recently, I spotted this spiral sidewalk design kit at Lakeside Collection that looks like a ton of fun!

Imagine the driveway covered in beautiful spirals.  Sounds like a great afternoon project to me!

Build a Tent

Older Kid Summer Activities)

This classic activity can be adapted for older kids by challenging them to make a tent that covers the entire room, or a tent with a specialized entrance.

Painting Something Unusual

Older Kid Summer Activities

Last week, I had a few older kids at my home day care, so I wanted to think of some really cool activities for them to do.  I hauled some washable paint outside and let them paint our fence and an old wood shed that’s in the back of the house.   When I announced what we’d be doing, they could not believe it. “Are you serious?” they asked, “We really get to paint this stuff?”

Painting the Fence

It was a hit!  Even rinsing the brushes out became entertaining!

Go Exploring

Older Kid Summer Activities

One of the girls who came last week was especially curious about the great outdoors.  She combed over every inch of the back yard, leaving no stone unturned, looking for bugs and other treasures.  Inside the wood shed, she found this!


Older Kid Summer Activities

This classic game is even better when played outside.  The older kids had a blast making complex roads by matching up the numbers and the younger kids loved making a giant colorful “puzzle” by lining all the dominoes up side by side.  Either way, it was great way to talk about numbers!

Bonus: Make Your Own Lollipops!

Older Kid Summer Activities

Another activity we did was make our own Jolly Rancher Suckers.  The kids absolutely loved this one, so I dedicated tomorrow’s post to the full tutorial.  See you then!

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