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Big or Little Easter Worksheets

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The kids will love these Big or Little Easter Worksheets! They’re a fun way to work on size recognition. Easter activities like this are great for learning and helping young minds develop!

Using printables for themed learning makes the process fun for the kids. Plus – there is no denying that Easter pictures on the pages are fun to look at and color!

The great part about these printables is that they have so many fun learning options! The kids will be able to find the bigger and smaller items, color, and show off their artistic skills!

I love having multiple uses for one fun printable!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

As kids age, working with them to know the difference between bigger and smaller items is essential. This helps with their analytical skills and helps them understand depth perception.

Once they recognize small and big items, they’ll always point them out to you!

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What it includes:

This fun printable includes multiple pages of Easter fun! Each page has pictures associated with Easter or spring on them, giving directions on what the kids should do.

They can circle, color, and be proud that they’re completing these printable worksheets all on their own.



Fun ways to use this printable:

You know that I love using printables in more than one way! This is just a simple way to get more out of the learning activity – and show the kids how easy it is to think outside the box!

Here are some fun learning ideas you can use to launch off of the theme of this sized printable.

Use fruit for size comparisons

Showing kids the difference between big and small items doesn’t have to be a boring endeavor.

Why not incorporate some fruit into the equation to make things more fun? Try searching for different sizes of the same fruit at a nearby grocery store—for example, large oranges and little tangerines.

When you’ve found all the fruits you’ll need, organize them by size into piles and let your kids explore and play with them, comparing how big one is versus another.

After they’ve had a chance to understand which item falls into which category, encourage them to try experimenting with balancing two pieces of contrasting fruit on each other or creating mini “fruit sculptures.”

With this interactive approach to teaching size, your kids are sure to have just as much fun as they do learning!

Head outside

One way to show them is to head outdoors with a magnifying glass and examine natural items such as rocks, leaves, or blades of grass.

By looking closely at these items and comparing them to each other, children can learn about the different sizes in nature.

Take an appropriate size pebble along on your exploration to act as a reference point for comparison.

Kids could make sketches or rubbings of their findings for extra fun during their hunting expedition.

Another idea is to let them fill two bags – one labeled “big” and one labeled “small” – with treasures from outside as they wander around.

With just a little guidance and supervision, nature can provide an exciting backdrop for this lesson in size differentiation.

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Teach using candy

Everyone knows candy tastes great, so it can be a fun way to help children understand the difference between big and small items.

Using colorful candy such as gummy bears or jelly beans, an adult can lay out several pieces and explain which are bigger and smaller and how they relate to each other in size. Plus, kids will enjoy eating the treats after they’ve learned the lesson!

Try using other fun items such as pompoms, buttons, seeds, or pieces of paper in addition to the candy for hands-on exploration of size comparison.

Before you know it, your little ones will have mastered distinguishing between two fundamental concepts – big versus small!

What is the importance of teaching big or little size differences to children?

Grasping this concept is akin to acquiring a new lens through which the young mind can interpret the vast world.

It sparks an early appreciation for comparison and contrast, leading to more advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Children begin to categorize, sort, and make sense of space by engaging with the physical dimensions that define their surroundings.

This understanding paves the way for mathematical reasoning and developing spatial awareness, an essential skill for navigating their environment. Additionally, lessons on size differences can be informative and fun, often interwoven with interactive games or storytelling that captivate young audiences, promoting active learning.

What are the best holidays for kids to focus on themed learning?

Themed learning during holidays isn’t just a way to festoon the classroom with decorations; it’s a bridge connecting joyous traditions to education, an opportunity to weave the festive spirit into children’s learning fabric.

Among these moments are Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Earth Day. Each holiday serves as a vibrant educational platform where creativity is unlocked, and learning is joyously camouflaged in celebration.

Halloween’s trick-or-treat escapades become a lesson in cultural history and the art of storytelling. Christmas transforms into a global geography track, tracing Santa’s footsteps and exploring winter festivals from around the globe.

Meanwhile, Earth Day blossoms into hands-on science activities and eco-conscious habits, sowing seeds for the environmental stewards of tomorrow.

These festive landmarks in the calendar are more than breaks from routine; they are rich, unmissable teaching opportunities that resonate deeply with the curious minds of young learners.

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