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Best Peppa Pig Toys for Toddlers

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Y’all, your little one is sure to squeal in delight when they see one of these fun and exciting Peppa Pig Toys.

These are some of the best Peppa Pig toys for toddlers packed with fun. Peppa Pig offers plenty of opportunities to explore with imagination. Check out my other gift ideas for everyone as well. 

Peppa Pig toys for kids to play with inside

Great to add to our Farm Animals Unit Study.

Peppa Pig is fun because she’s a curious little pig, but she also has a lot to teach all of us. Continue reading to discover the best Peppa Pig toys for toddlers.

Best Peppa Pig Toys for Toddlers

Peppa Pig is just one of those cartoons that the world is in love with. All of my kids have enjoyed this character of the years, so it’s safe to say that most kids enjoy it.

If your toddler is in love with Peppa Pig, then there are some great toys out there for them! Bless your heart for getting your toddler toys they will LOVE!

  Peppa Pig Plush Preschool Backpack

When it comes to Peppa Pig things that kids love, every toddler needs a Peppa Pig Backpack! They’re so much fun to carry around, even if your kid doesn’t have anything in it. Whenever you hear your toddler holler in delight, your heart is going to smile.

 Peppa Pig Little Rooms, Kitchen with Peppa & Daddy

I can’t get over how fun this Kitchen Set with Peppa & Daddy is! I mean, the fact that it focuses on the child and daddy is so much fun. Kids need play sets that focus on playin’ with dads too, so I think this is great.

 Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset, Family Home

Peppa Pig is always stayin’ busy, so you better believe that this is one gift for toddler they will love. Toddlers love to stay busy too, so this Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset is a lot of fun! This Peppa Pig Deluxe House is just amazing!

 Peppa Pig Little Places Playset, Grocery Store

My kid’s favorite Peppa Pig toy is without a doubt this Peppa Pig Little Places Playset. Grocery stores are an important part of everyday life, so I love that a toy like this exists.

 Peppa Pig Firestation

When you think of Peppa Pig, don’t you just think of the most perfect toy set? I LOVE this firestation. I think it helps kids with their imagination! Kids should be playing with toys, especially as a toddler and these types of toys help.

 WhPeppa Pig Princess Castle Playset

If you can’t be at a theme park, then playing with this princess castle is the next best thing! This set includes Peppa and her playset.

IfPeppa Pig Red Car

Although my kids loved Paw Patrol when they were little, Peppa Pig always was a close second. This red car set is a lot of fun for kids to play with.

 Peppa Pig School Bus

Although some of us have kids old enough to play video games, we still want our toddlers to play with these fun Peppa Pig School Bus sets! Pretend play is important and this toddler toy does the trick.

 Peppa Pig Deluxe School House Playset

If you have been looking for a Peppa Pig figure and your kids don’t want a plush doll, then give this school house playset a try! I think they’ll love it.

I Peppa Pig Magnetic Wood Dress Up Puzzle (25 Piece)

If you want your kids to do a little more learning then video game playing or video watching, then this dress up puzzle is something they will just love. Isn’t it adorable?

 Peppa Pig Family Campervan

A lot of family’s love to camp. I can just picture bringing along this Peppa Pig family campervan. It’s perfect for the toddler that loves Peppa Pig!

 Peppa Pig Jump N’ Play Mat

I can just picture any Peppa Pig loving toddler bringing this play mat out into the living room to play. Let them have fun playing with their favorite character. Ya’ll ain’t ready for a play mat this awesome, are ya?

 Peppa Pig Holiday Plane Vehicle with Figures

When your toddler isn’t very tall, their toys don’t need to be more than a few inches tall. Any toddler would enjoy these Peppa Pig figurines.


Peppa Pig Little Vehicle, Helicopter

I just think Peppa Pig in a helicopter is adorable! Peppa Pig has a big imagination on her show. Hopefully, your toddler will enjoy using his or her imagination as well.

 Peppa Pig Gardening Set Roleplay

Get your kiddo into some gardening action with this fun gardening set, starring Peppa Pig. Peppa will encourage your toddler to roleplay and get excited about gardening. Your toddler may have to put down their Peppa TY beanie babies and get to work in the garden.

 Peppa’s Little Kitchen

When you’re a parent and your kiddo loves playing house, this Peppa’s Little Kitchen is going to make your toddler’s day complete. It’s simple and adorable!

 Peppa Pig Tree House Playset

Did you know that Peppa Pig has her own tree house? Your toddler will LOVE playing with her in her tree house.

 Peppa Pig Voice Changing Microphone

Okay parents, if you want to make your toddlers day. this Peppa Pig Changing Microphone is amazing! Just imagine all the play fun your toddler will have with this toy.

 Peppa Pig Merry-Go-Round Game

While every Peppa Pig toddler gift out there isn’t a plush doll, there are some awesome games out there too! This one includes mommy pig and daddy pig! I love seeing all the muddy puddles pigs together.

 Playhut Peppa Pig Tree House

Ya’ll, I love how there are Peppa Pig toys for toddlers out there that encourage kids to get out there and get active. This Peppa Pig Tree House rocks! This just tickles me pink!

Peppa Pig Toys for Toddlers

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