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Bugs in a Jar Craft for Kids

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Hope school is going well for you and the family! I know we’ve been having a blast reading books, creating themes, and learning, learning, learning!  Today we’ll be working on another preschool alphabet activity: B is for Bugs!

We’ve been reading the book, I Like Bugs, which is an especially good book if you’re starting to work on sight words.  I spotted a great idea for sight words over at The Moffatt Girls (picture below), but instead of using cake decorations, I had the girls use markers to color in the word “bug”.  Grab the printable here!

Picture taken from The Moffatt Girls Ready to Read Post

There are two ideas for bug projects below.  We used bug stamps from Oriental Trading (set of 12 for $5.50) for one idea, but all you need are your fingerprints and a stamp pad for the other project.  Let’s get started! 

Bug Stamping

After reading some bug-themed books, we broke out the bug stamps and went at it.  As the kids were stamping, we talked about the different names for the bugs and whether or not they have wings.  You could also divide the paper in half and have the kids practicing sorting by stamping bugs WITH wings on one side and bugs WITHOUT wings on the other.

I love these stamps and think they are completely worth the investment.  They are very durable, easy to clean and make a great “quick” art project. My 2.5 year old daughter has begun asking “when is craft time?” every day now, so it’s great to know I can whip these out for an easy, not too messy project!

What You Need:

  • Bug sight-word worksheet (optional)
  • Bug Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Construction Paper

What You Do:

I think you can figure this one out!! 🙂

Bugs in a Jar

This is a project we did for our Story Time in the Par program this year, so you can check out the full scoop at Growing Kids Ministry including book ideas and fun songs to sing, but I’ll give you the run down here too!

What You Need:

  • Stamp pad
  • Little Fingers
  • Mason Jar printable (optional, but totally cute!)
  • Bug sight word worksheet (also optional)

What You Do:

We printed off this adorable Mason jar from Sweetly Scrapped, but you could do the bugs on a plain sheet of paper or whatever you choose.  You could even cut green construction paper to look like grass, and lay it over blue construction paper for a complete scene!

Maybe something like this from Westcott site, only turned landscape.  You could even have your little one cut the grass themselves, practicing their scissor skills!

After that, just have them put their little fingers in the ink and stamp away!  Using multiple colors gives it a really adorable look!

Don’t forget to follow my Alphabet Pinterest Board for more fun ideas!

Have a great week! 

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 What About You?

What kind of alphabet activities do you like to do with the kids?

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