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12 Things to do in Bar Harbor, ME with Kids

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There are so many Things to do in Bar Harbor, ME with Kids. If you’re looking for family-friendly activities that are packed full of fun, a visit to this town can be the perfect family vacation. From the moment that you arrive, you’re going to be going nonstop with everything kid-friendly in Bar Harbor, Maine with kids that there is to do.

The great part about visiting this town in Maine is that there are so many fun things to do for all ages. Don’t forget to check out all the other kid-friendly things to do in the United States as well to plan more travels!

Make a trip and plan out your next stop in this wonderful town!

kid friendly activities in bar harbor maine

Add this to your State Unit Studies so that you can learn about the history before you go!

Bar Harbor, Maine Activities for Kids:

What really attracts me to this town is that it’s the perfect combination of water activities, good food, great shopping, and a lot of places that are walkable to get around.

One of the criteria’s that we look for when we travel is accessibility to everything, followed up by enough activities to keep us all busy.

As long as I can find enough activities and good food for 3-4 days, I’m happy. (And Bar Harbor, Maine has that for sure!)

kid friendly activities in bar harbor maine

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1. George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History

A pit stop at the George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History is a great way to see some live animals and learn about the natural history of Maine. This would be a good stop for homeschooling lessons or even a place to put on your radar in case it’s raining one day.

The cool thing about this museum is that the local college students put together most of the activities and exhibits.

2. Agamont Park

Relaxing near the ocean sounds like a pretty great idea for a vacation, right? And if you’re there during the warmer weather, you’ll get to see some lovely blooms at Agamont Park, too.

There is a public pier that you can walk along to take in the view as well.

3. Abbe Museum

Take the family to learn some true history of the world. The Abbe Museum on the National Register of Historic Places and has thousands of artifacts and exhibits to see.

Make certain to pay attention to the architecture of the building too as it is unique and beautiful.

4. Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theatre

If your family loves water, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theatre. It’s packed full of 2 hours of exciting underwater activities!

Not only that, but you’ll be able to touch and be one with some of the fish as well. It really is a unique and awesome time!

5. National Park Sea Kayak Tours

Just when you thought your visit couldn’t get any better, along comes the change to take an epic kayak tour. National Park Sea Kayak Tours has all you need and more.

With a perfect safety record, this could be a great choice for you and the family.

6. Jesup Memorial Library

Call me weird but I love visiting libraries is different towns and states. The beauty of the Jesup Memorial Library is definitely worth your time.

Even if you just need to pop in there for the use of their wi-fi and a place to relax and read a good book, add this great library to your “must” attractions.

7. Acadia National Park

Feel like taking a hike? Take a trip to Acadia National Park and hike on one of their 158 miles of trails. Make certain to pack a picnic and spend the day there because that won’t be hard to do.

You can also try to time it at the end of the day and see a beautiful sunset, too.

8. Atlantic Climbing School

Ready to do something new and exciting on your family vacation? Atlantic Climbing School is a great way to climb to new heights. Everyone in the family can learn how to be safe and tackle their fear of heights.

All ages can learn some great skills on how to climb in the wild and be safe.

9. Wild Gardens of Acadia

Don’t let first impressions fool you. Driving up the park may not seem like a lot but once you get out of your car and venture into the Wild Gardens of Acadia, the beauty of nature is waiting.

If you time it right and going during the warm months of the year, you’re in for a beautiful sight.

10. Lulu Lobster Boat Ride

We all know that Maine has the best lobsters, right? But do you know how they find and gather them? Taking a Lulu Lobster Boat Ride will show you lobsters, seals, and maybe so much more!

Bring a light jacket or even a rain coat to stay warm and dry!

11. Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co

So many people have whale watching on their bucket list but during your visit, you just might get to check it out. Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company can help you spot your first whale!

And if you’re lucky, you might be able to see more than one!

12. Stone Soup

If you’re looking for a fun and simple shopping experience, a trip to Stone Soup is what you need. Full of clothing and toys, stopping here will have you picking up some really fun souvenirs.

But be ready, you’re certain to find something here that you love!

kid friendly activities in bar harbor maine

What are popular family activities to do on vacations?

Vacations with the family can be incredibly fun – and a great chance to bond! It’s important to plan out activities the whole family will enjoy, so everyone feels like they’re having a good time.

From hitting the beach and building sand castles to packing up the car for a road trip – or flying somewhere far away – there really is an endless list of things for families to do on their vacations.

Taking a cooking class together to learn how to make traditional dishes is becoming increasingly popular, as is going on hikes or mountain biking.

A classic family activity that never goes out of style is mini-golfing; it’s a way to have competition while still being able to laugh together.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding ways to have fun on vacation as a family!

What is the best way to plan a family trip?

Planning a family trip can be both fun and challenging. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip, the initial step should always be to look into everybody’s interests and expectations.

This will create an ideal balance between activities that all members of the family can partake in. Research should also be conducted about the destination prior to booking flights or tickets for attractions. This way, everyone will get what they are looking for out of the trip.

Keeping costs within budget is also important, so finding cost-effective ways to travel and accommodations is helpful when sticking to a tight budget.

Finally, double-checking reservations, packing essentials, purchasing relevant items needed during the trip, as well as staying organized and flexible throughout the process can create an enjoyable experience for all family members while planning a perfect getaway.

How many activities should a family do in a day while on a trip?

When it comes to having a fun and enjoyable family trip, deciding how many activities to do in a day can be tricky. It is important to plan enough activities that will keep each family member engaged and excited but not so many that everyone feels overwhelmed.

If time allows, three or four activities per day should keep the family busy and entertained during the vacation.

It is also important to mix up physical activities with more relaxed pursuits like visiting museums or exploring nearby attractions.

By carefully balancing activity types throughout the trip there will certainly be no shortage of amazing experiences for the entire family!

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Sunday 27th of March 2022

Please stop promoting Maine. We have too many tourists already ruining our state.

Kelli Miller

Thursday 31st of March 2022

I live on the Gulf Coast, I am very familiar with the money tourists bring to a state. :-)