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Miller Manor: Getting (and staying) Organized

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As we are packing and moving things into Miller Manor, we are doing things systematically!  I refuse to put anything in my new place that doesn’t have an actual home!  Nothing makes a house messier than clutter and you have clutter when there are no specific homes for all of your possessions.

Getting and staying organized

Miller Manor is bigger than our current house, but I haven’t figured out where all the “homes” will be – I have learned, though that certain things are going to work differently for me, so I need to invest in a few more organizational items.  So, I thought you guys would like to know what I have purchased from Amazon to help keep Miller Manor from becoming overwhelming! 🙂

Getting (and staying) Organized:

Craft Storage: Marker Organizer

In addition to holding lots of markers, this tub also has two dividers – personally, I am planning to keep scrapbooking scrap papers in there with some cut up pieces of cardboard to help organize them by color!

Hair dryer and flat iron holder

OMG!  The perfect solution for holding my hair stuffs and so much prettier than plastic or acrylic!

I can get my shoes organized and the top rack has plenty of room for all my boots.  I am actually planning to get several of these eventually.

Pantry Packet Holder

You know all those little packets you we seem to collect?  We always have tuna in the bags, powdered ranch, and taco seasoning.  With this simple tool, I can have it all corralled and neat!

In my office, I have TONS of magazines.  As a blogger, I am always pulling out magazines from a certain month to give me content ideas – magazines know that you want organization and weight loss tips in the January edition – because I study what they do, so do I LOL!  Consequently, though I already have 5 magazine holders, they are full and I need more!  I am actually going to get ten and label the first 12 by month and then use the other two for other things like holding labels and some of the papers I am always surrounded by.

Battery Holder

We can NEVER find batteries in our house – with three boys, they are a thing of the junk drawer and floor.  With this, we always know how many we have and where they are.  I can’t wait to fill all 52 slots!  Plus, it comes with the battery tester so we know if they actually work or not!

Key and Mail Organizer

This key and mail organizer is pretty and doesn’t take up much space.  I am going to hang it right inside the garage door – aka the door leading into the house, from the garage – LOL!

Bedside Organizer

Ok, this is the most awesome thing I a have ever found! My headboard gets so cluttered with all my junk – this will hold everything neatly beside my bed, keeping my room looking neat!  It holds books, magazines, glasses, cellphone, TV remote, and tissues!

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Monday 19th of January 2015

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Friday 30th of January 2015

I thought the same thing...I want this