Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one particular holiday where there is always plenty of food on the table. However, hosts may find themselves stumped when preparing a “gluten-free” Thanksgiving dinner. What should be avoided? How can families create a meal that everyone will be able to enjoy? Dr. Kristen Bobik, founder of Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Practitioners, has […]

Month Two Check In and Month Three Goals #Cinchspiration

Before After Two Month

Wow… just wow!  It has been two months on the Shaklee Cinch Loss Plan.  I am so shocked by looking at my pictures.  You know that I have been frustrated by my weight this entire month.  I have been gone so much that dieting was SUPER hard!  But, the shakes and bars  just a time […]

Should I Give My Child Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements?

Keep it Clean Tilapia Recipe from This Southern Mom Cooks

If your child is not eating a meal of fatty fish like salmon or sardines at least once a week then it is a good idea to give him a daily fish oil supplement. Oily fish includes salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, eel, pilchards and fresh tuna and if your child eats a meal with one […]

Review: BreathSlim System

BreathSlim logo

I’m all for trying out new things to help me lose weight, so this seemed pretty fantastic to me! About BreathSlim (from their website) Headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA, Breathe Slim, Inc. is a global lifestyle and weight management products company providing innovative, quality solutions that help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. BreathSlim manufactures […]

Weigh In Wednesday: Dieting During Vacation #Cinchspiration

Dieting during a vacation is not an easy task!  You typically do a bunch of fast food restaurant things, snacks, and other junk.  However, if you take the necessary ingredients with you, the bulk of your meals can be good for you! Here’s what I am doing while vacationing with my boys… I have cut […]

What Do Your Pregnancy Cravings Mean?


  Do you think you are having crazy cravings? A lot of pregnant women crave sweet foods and in a recent US survey the most popular craving was for ice cream. 40 per cent said their preference was for something sweet, 33 per cent preferred something salty, 17 per cent said they craved something spicy […]

Menu Plan Monday: Gotta Lose Weight!


  So, I got on the scale the other day and found out than I weight more now than I did the day I went into the hospital to have my youngest son!  Yeah, not good!  So, for about a week I have been semi counting calories and trying to get a few more exercises […]

GIVEAWAY: Ultra Lo-Gly Juice Blend Beverages

What better way to keep the kids cool this summer than with low glycemic, low calorie juice beverages?  Aside from floating in a pool, I can’t think of anything. LOL! I say in the video that I am not sure what it the Glycemic Index actually means, so I looked it up: Originally developed as […]

Tropicana Orange Banana Yogurt Smoothie


Yum!  Ever since I got my new smoothie maker for Christmas, I love Smoothies. Plus, if you read my main site you know how much our family loves Tropicana and here is only one of the reasons: Tropicana is 100% Florida – meaning that all their oranges come from Florida!  To celebrate this, Tropicana is […]

Why Toddlers Don’t Eat Vegetables


Want to know why toddlers reject vegetables? Most parents inadvertently teach them to. No one does it deliberately, “Hey, we’ve got to stop this veggie-eating thing. It’s time to make sure Lucy loathes lima beans.” But most parents don’t actively help their children cultivate a taste for vegetables. In fact, they teach their kids to […]