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Why Do Pets Make Us So Happy?

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Animals have been kept as pets for hundreds of years, and there are many reasons why people manage to create such special relationships with them. Cats and dogs are the most popular family additions, and it is easy to see why they’re so lovable! Not only are they small and furry, but when they’re puppies there is nothing cuter. They run about, roll around and jump for attention, and they reward you with love and affection once you give it to them. Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, and with each dog having its own personality, it’s clear to see that bonds can be easily made between owner and animal. Let’s take a look at why pets make us so happy.


Stress Relief

Pets are great for stress relief, especially if they are furry and fun. Animals naturally have a lot of energy too – well, the typical household pets do anyway – and they’re always looking for someone to play with. Sometimes a good old stroke of your pet can be more stress-releasing than a hot bath, or even a glass of red wine, and best thing is, the pet loves it too! From rabbits to dogs, cats to hamsters, they all love attention, and will happily lay there while you run your fingers through their fur.

Family Interaction

Children and pets get along very well, and it is a great idea to introduce your child to a home pet as soon as you can. If you’ve ever seen a dog and a baby interact, then you’ll know how heart-warming the scene can be. Both are as inquisitive as each other, and as children naturally pour all their attention into anything new to them, dogs can’t get enough. Furthermore, bringing a dog or cat into your family from pup will help you to train it quicker, and also allow your children to help with the day-to-day duties of looking after a pet.

Pets are great for keeping you company too, especially in times of heartbreak or loneliness. They can’t cheat on you, won’t be rude to you and they’ll love you back as long as you love them. Vet Medic help to keep all pets healthy so they can give back as much attention as they receive, and no matter what pet you have, they’re sure to make you extremely happy.

Easy Entertainment

Pets are also the best form of entertainment, and you’ll get a lot more out of a cat of dog than you would at the cinema! If you’ve ever just watched your dog going about their daily business, they’re not only inquisitive about their surroundings, but many owners believe you can actually differentiate between the various emotions they feel. Not that seeing your pet in a sad mood is entertaining, but it is very interesting to see the way they react to different situations. Indeed, pets can be messy, naughty and sometimes very stressful to look after, but when you consider the range of entertainment both owner and pet get from each other, it’s clear to see why relationships become so strong.

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Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Couldn't agree more. My two boys (cocker spaniels) have bought me so much joy and laughter but also consoled me in sadder times. Life is so much richer with a loving pet.

Barang Bayi

Tuesday 6th of August 2013

I agree. Pets bring happiness to my family. At home we have eight types of pets. I love them.