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Turkey Crafts and Activities for Kids

People tend to think about turkeys around autumn, but turkeys are a common animal on farms all year long! These birds are a wonderful animal to study when you’re doing a Farm Animals Unit Study with your kids. And if you’re searching for easy farm animal fun, look no further than these simple turkey crafts …

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Mediterranean Turkey Casserole

What are you planning to do with your Thanksgiving Day Turkey leftovers?  Giving families an alternative to a hot open-turkey sandwich the National Pasta Association (NPA) has a few recipes for pasta dishes which feature left-over turkey as a main ingredient. These recipes pair protein rich veggies with leftover turkey and pasta – one of …

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Turkey T-shirts!

Last year, we began an annual family tradition of making turkey t-shirts for Thanksgiving.  I of course, found Chipmunk’s shirt adorable.  My husband asked if we were becoming “one of those families”.  What’s that supposed to mean anyway??My daughter fell instantly in love with the “chicken shirt” (as she called it) and asked to wear …

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