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30 Favorite Pork Recipes for Cheap Meals

Everywhere you turn there seems to be another new pork BBQ recipe or something made with bacon. What is your favorite pork cut of meat? Pork Roast? Pork Loin? Bacon? Pork Chops? No matter how you cut it, if you like pork then you probably like everything about it. Some pork recipes are tasty because …

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Minnie’s Mozzarella Pork Rounds

From Kelli:  Minnie said they had these for supper and they were really yummy.  Personally, I think they look fabulous and I might even make them. 🙂 These pork rounds are wonderful alongside some Baby Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, some Sauteed Mushrooms, Spiced & Diced New Red Potatoes, and a yummy Green Salad. WHERE TO …

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