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Summer Coloring Activities for Preschoolers

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Summer is here, and the warm, sunny days are brimming with endless possibilities for fun and adventure! As parents, we know how quickly those little hands and minds can become restless. That’s why we’ve created the perfect learning lesson: Summer Coloring Activities for Preschoolers!

These printable pages are more than just a way to keep your little ones occupied. They’re a gateway to exploration, creativity, and intellectual growth.

They’ll love working through the pages and being creative as they go! The pictures in the corner will give them an idea of how to color, but it’s ultimately up to them!

What is the learning benefit of these Summer Coloring Activities for Preschoolers?

This free printable pack strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Following the outlines also promotes focus and lengthens attention spans.

The act of coloring sparks creativity and self-expression. Kids choose their color combinations, making each page a unique masterpiece. They can explore color mixing and shading as they fill in the drawings!

Beyond artistic skills, coloring fosters patience, determination, and a sense of accomplishment. Children will feel proud when they complete each page, and you’ll love seeing their confidence boost their enthusiasm for learning.

Coloring is also a calming exercise. It helps active minds settle and center their energy positively. This is good for both kids and adults!

With this printable, kids develop creativity, cognitive abilities, and fine motor dexterity – all while reveling in summer fun!

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What it includes:

Each page showcases a fun picture of a kid enjoying all the great things about summer—this is what makes it unique and fun!

One page showcases a child holding a bucket and shovel, ready to build a sand castle. Another portrays a happy kid relaxing on a pool float, sipping a drink while soaking up the rays.

You’ll also find a page featuring a child munching on a juicy watermelon slice, with playful water splashes adding to the fun and more!

These pictures will resonate with any child’s summer experiences, making coloring more engaging and enjoyable. We’ve included a small, pre-colored drawing in the corner to guide their artistic journey, serving as a friendly hint or an idea to launch a unique vision.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though coloring these pages is all about fun, you can easily launch and do more fun things! Here are a few other ways to have fun learning during summer!

Create a summer storybook

Encourage your child’s creativity by having them create a story based on the coloring pages. As they color each scene, ask them to describe what’s happening, who the characters are, and what adventures they might encounter.

Once all the pages are colored, you can combine them into a personalized summer storybook. This helps with imagination and storytelling skills and creates a cherished keepsake to revisit year after year. They’ll love making their book!



Have a coloring contest

Turn coloring into a friendly competition by hosting a family coloring contest. Set a timer, and challenge everyone to creatively color their favorite summer scene.

When time’s up, have each person present their masterpiece and share what they enjoyed most about the activity. You can even award prizes for categories like “Most Vibrant Colors” or “Most Detailed Scene.”

This fun, lighthearted contest encourages artistic expression while fostering a sense of accomplishment and quality family time.



Go on a color scavenger hunt

Embrace the great outdoors by going on a color scavenger hunt inspired by the coloring pages. Make a list of colors featured in the scenes, like blue for the pool, green for watermelon rinds, and brown for sand.

Then, head outside and challenge your little ones to find objects in nature or around the neighborhood that match each color on the list. This exciting activity promotes observation skills, color recognition, and a deeper appreciation for the world around them.

More Printable Summer Activities for Kids:

Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore, learn, and have fun, and what better way to keep them engaged than with more printable activities designed just for them? From creative coloring pages and engaging puzzles to fun educational worksheets and exciting scavenger hunts, these printables offer various options to suit every child’s interest.

Not only do they provide a screen-free way to occupy time, but they also stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and fine motor skills.

Whether at home, at the park, or on a road trip, these easy-to-download activities are a convenient and entertaining resource to ensure your kids have a memorable and productive summer.

Summer Learning Printable Activities

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