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Review: Dedee Duck Bath line

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I love cute bath toys and was super excited to try these out!

About Bkids (from their website)

Blue Box® was founded in 1952 with a vision of making a line of children’s toys and products that were both educational and fun.

More than half a century later, Blue Box® is furthering that vision in 2010 by enhancing its product line to meet the needs of today’s parents, thus debuting a new brand – B kids ! B kids products have a contemporary look and make playtime fun, easy, and enjoyable for parents and children of the 21st century.

Our goal is to provide better and safer innovative products that bring laughter, learning, and fun to kids all over the world. Each product has been carefully created and designed with love. Every B kids toy has been designed so that parents can spend quality time exploring, enjoying, and sharing playful, enriching moments with their kids.

We care about the happiness and well-being of kids, therefore, safety and trustworthiness are of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all our products comply with the highest quality and international safety standards.

The B kids brand believes that kids should simply do what they do best – Be playful, Be happy, and “just Be kids”!

About Dedee Duck line

Friendly Links
  • Watch as your baby stacks these cute ducks that link together in the tub for great floating fun.
  • Includes water sprinkle design for even more enjoyable bathtime enjoyment.
  • Watch babies faces light up when Dedee Duck spouts water from his mouth, flaps his wings and bobbles his head.
  • Also comes with an octopus and whale water scooper with sprinkler hole design.

My Thoughts

I think these are fantastic!  My kids were all thrilled to take a bath and play with them (which I loved)!  My 20-month-old thought it was super fun to dump water in the top and watch the duck spit it back out and the wheel spin!  She loves the little scoops and I love that the scoops have little holes in them, so they can drip out!  The friendly links are super cute!  They are little duck scoops that have numbers on them, and they stack in each other!  We love the size too, because this way they can get themselves wet, which they love!  We’ve had them for two weeks, and the kids are still excited about them, which is awesome!

Buy it!

You can buy them online here.

*Disclaimer-I was provided products from Bt kids for this review and was not paid for my opinion.  All thoughts are my own!

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