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Blogging Basics: A Huge Post of Blogging Tips and How Tos

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**NOTE:  I update this page every few weeks to reflect my newest Blogging Basics posts.  Scroll to the bottom for the most recent posts!

I have a ton of Blogging Basics posts now on my blog and I realize that people simply can’t find what they are looking for.  So, this post is simply a compilation of those posts so you can click what you need without getting lost in the shuffle. Smile

17 Tips to a Better Blog:  After my first 17 or so posts, I wrote this quick recap.  Go here to see some of my older posts.  Smile

Doing Events to Increase Traffic:  I have found one of the best ways to get “new blood” to my blog is to have a huge event… it doesn’t even have to be with other people!  Read this short post for ideas and insights!

Where to Find Ad Buyers:  Here’s where the bulk of my blog income comes… independent ad buyers!  You can learn, too, how to find them!

How To Make Money With Google Adsense:  Getting frustrated?  This articles talks about my own trials and tribulations with Google Adsense and how I finally started to make a bit of money.  It still isn’t my biggest thing, but every little bit counts!

23 Must Have Word Press Plug Ins:  Blogger/Blogspot girls, don’t let the title fool you!  This post also has instructions of how to get the same for your Blogger Blog!

How to get more comments on your giveaways – You can’t just write it and expect people to show up – this isn’t Field of Dreams.  This is the world wide web where there are millions of contests going on at any given time.  You have to work hard to get people to see your contest and this post shows you how.

Comments – Ahh.. the Holy Grail!  The reason we blog… to get people to leave us comments.  This post can help you do that.  (It has 25 comments on it, BTW. LOL!)

Do Your Research – Know your job and do it well!  This post gives you hints, tips, and ideas of how to accomplish that.

How to Handle Your Incoming Tasks – As bloggers we do so much more than just write posts.  This article gives you tips to manage it all.

How To Get More Fans on FaceBook – Great meme to help you increase your FaceBook fan base.

How, Why, and When to backup your blog –  Yeah, that is pretty self-explanatory. Smile

Make Some Extra Cash – An awesome way to make some extra cash with your blog.

What Exactly Does Sponsored Post Mean? – Not only explains this but tells you places to go to find sponsored posts!

5 Steps for Increasing Traffic (for the average blogger) – This is actually a guest post that I submitted to ProBlogger and they didn’t want it. LOL!  They said they had already covered it in depth.  Oh well, it was worth a try. Smile Great tips for the beginner, though.

Always Be Prepared – Let’s talk scheduling.  The basics behind scheduling your posts and why you would want to do that.

A Little of this and a Little of that – Alexa, Stats, and Speeding up your site.  Short post with some interesting tips.

Reviews, Giveaways, and Brand Ambassadors Part 1 – top PR agents and some of the well-known review bloggers weigh in on what all of this means to them.  Also includes contact information for some of the companies.

Reviews, Giveaways, and Brand Ambassadors Part 2 – PR agents tell us the real deal on how they choose which bloggers to work with and who to continue working with!  Plus, Bloggers weigh in with their tid-bits on how they choose companies to work with!

Reviews, Giveaways, and Brand Ambassadors Part 3 – PR folks and Blogger alike weigh in on what a Brand Ambassador is to them.  Also includes contact information for some of the companies.

How To Get More Twitter Followers – A quick run down of different ways you can ethically increase your Twitter Followers.

Blog Maintenance – All the things you need to do on a monthly basis to keep your blog running smoothly and the bots visiting regularly!

What is a media kit and who needs it? – What’s in a media kit so you can make your own PLUS how to purchase one if you don’t have the time or design skill

Are People Writing About You? –  How to monitor the web using Google Alerts

Clean Up Your Computer – Steps to keep your computer and your blog running smoothly!

Mentor Program – Get one / Be One! – A mentor will review your blog and give you a few tasks to complete each week.  You will be expected to not only complete those tasks (your mentor will be available to help you with them if necessary), but will also be expected to spend some time helping your mentor improve their blog.

Get Ahead of The Game – How to fight the “I can’t schedule because of the nature of my blog” frustrations.

Are Reader Surveys Important – and how to make one, what to include, and how to get your readers to actually complete it!

How to Get GOOD Twitter Followers – Anyone can purchase Twitter Followers and get junk, but can you get GOOD ONES?  The ones that are actually reading you?  Find out how!

Do You Have an Editorial Calendar? I think this is by far my most favorite plugin these days!

Analyzing the Results of a Reader Survey and Actually doing something with those results.

Get More Blog Readers –  I love and get newsletter from it on a daily basis.  Today, this came in my inbox and I was so excited about it that I simply HAD to share it with my readers.

How to use Google Friend Connect, Even on WordPress – Did you know that GFC has a newsletter feature?  What about Polls?  Yeah, you can interact with your readers pretty easily with this awesome tool.

Monetize Your Blog – New paid-for-blogging company promises 750 dollars per month with guest blogging!

Does Collaborating Work?  I get deeply into my own personal blogging collaboration to talk about the positives!

Making Money With Your Blog – a wrap up of some of the best money making tips and ideas around the web!

Planning Your Conference Schedule – Although this discusses my own BlogHer2011 Schedule, it does have tips to help you plan any conference trip!

The Proof on Blogger Collaborations – More about my own collaboration, including the statistics straight from my own Google Analytics account!

Using Google Analytics to understand your blog traffic – a neat little web round up to help you understand everything under the visitors tabs of your google analytics account.

Making Twitter work for you – I discuss my twitter followers and goals and how I am planning to reach those goals. (BTW I surpassed those goal in one week by following the tips!)

If there is something you want to know, please drop me an email and I will see what I can write for you!

Sharing is caring!

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