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Printable Letter K Book

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This Printable Letter K Book is a great way to have a bunch of letter K words and pictures all in one place! Be sure to check out my Find the Letter Worksheets to see all our great learning printables.

Having an entirely black-and-white printable book that is all about the letter K is a great way to help them learn more about the alphabet. Printables make learning fun – and that’s why I love creating them and sharing them with all of you.

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The great thing about having a printable book about the letter K is that it helps to showcase just how many words out there start with the letter K. Oftentimes, kids (another letter k word!) are so focused on learning the letter that they might overlook how the letter is actually used in the real world.

In fact, once they stop and look around the room or area that they’re in, they just might be shocked to know that they’re surrounded by words that start with the letter K.

Putting the real-world visuals in line with what they’re learning about is a fun way to showcase even more learning options. Since some kids are visual learners while others are written learners, combining the best of both worlds offers the chance for everyone to get value.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Having an entire book that is dedicated to the letter K is a great learning benefit! This will give the kids page after page of letter K words that they can see, read, write, and absorb.

I’m a big believer that the more that they see a letter, the better they’re going to remember it for later! This is what this printable book is all about. Repetition to learn more letters. (both uppercase letters and lowercase letters!)

What it includes:

This printable letter K book includes multiple pages of pictures and words that all start with the letter K. By the time they read and complete the book, they’ll have a great idea and grasp about the letter K.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Let’s not forget that there is more than one way to use this printable book. While I’m a HUGE fan of books, I also know that books are a great launching pad for more learning fun.

If you’re looking for ways to extend the letter K learning, there are so many fun options to do. Be sure to have a conversation with the kids, so they’re part of the planning process.

Here are a few ideas on extending the letter K learning fun. All of them are easy to do and take minimal planning to start.

Add more letter k words to the book

This book is far from complete. There is always room for more pages to be added, so challenge their minds to see how many more letter K words that they can come up with.

If they’re adding to the book, have them draw out the picture of the word and write it out as well. This is the perfect chance for them to be creative and to also author and illustrate the book.

Have a silly words day

If your house is anything like my house, we like silly words and silly stories. This is a fun way to speak our minds and let our tongues do the talking.

See how many silly words everyone can think of, and try to say them as fast as you can. The list can be super long, but it’s also super fun!

Go on a scavenger hunt

The book will be their treasure map and show them what they have to find. See if they can find all the objects that are listed in the book – and see who can do it the fastest!

This is a super fun way for them to get up and move their bodies while remembering about letter K learning.

Bonus points for any EXTRA k letter items that they find in the house as well – as this shows that they’re understanding letter k words and is a great sign!

pin image that reads my book about letter k for preschoolers

How do I encourage my child to want to read?

This is what alphabet learning is all about! If they can grasp the concept of letter learning, then they’re going to be able to start putting those letters together to form words.

Sight words are simple words that are a string of letters and are commonly used in our vocabulary. This means that once they get a grasp on all the letters of the alphabet, they’ll be able to start to learn how to read!

More Printable Letter Books:

Here are some other great letter book printables so that they can really focus on individual letters. Check out some other books that focus on specific letters of the alphabet!

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