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Adorable Piggy Bank Crafts for Preschool

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It’s never too early to teach little ones to start saving! Preschool is an excellent time to begin learning about coins, money, and why it’s important to save up funds for later. And there’s no better way to introduce kids to a new concept than making crafts with them.

That’s why these adorable piggy bank crafts for preschool are so fun for little kids! Pick a few of these craft projects to create with your preschooler this year and then see how much you and your child can save together! Be sure to have a special treat once you reach your saving goal!

Looking for more fun pig-inspired projects to try with the kids? Don’t miss this list of pig craft ideas you can make!

Piggy Bank Crafts for Preschool

Piggy Bank Crafts for Preschool:

1. This cute Piggy Bank Counting Activity is a fun way to show kids what a piggy bank is for and how to count coins too!

2. Repurpose a two-liter soft drink into a savings container with this Soda Bottle Piggy Bank Craft!

3. Use an old-fashioned crafting method to teach kids how to save with this Paper Mache Dino “Piggy” Bank Craft!

4. If your kids are fans of Pokemon, they’ll love making this Mason Jar Pokeball Piggy Bank with you!

5. This teeny Pot O’ Gold Piggy Bank Craft is so cute! Kids will have fun seeing how fast they can fill it up!

6. Watch the Minions movie with the family and then make this easy DIY Minion Piggy Bank!

7. These adorable Felt Piggy Banks are just perfect for little hands! Let the kids carry them in their pockets to stash coins they find!

Cute Piggy Bank Crafts for Preschool

8. This fun Water Bottle Piggy Bank Craft is a cool way to make a recycled craft!

9. Keep your Kleenex boxes to craft a few of these Tissue Box Piggy Banks!

10. Speaking of boxes, make a larger saving box with this easy Cereal Box Piggy Bank Craft!

11. Or keep a clean milk jug to make this Milk Jug Piggy Bank that the whole family can use!

12. Print out this Paper Piggy Bank Craft and let the kids help you fold it into a 3D bank!

13. This fun Decoupage Piggy Bank is a neat way for preschoolers to spend some time painting!

14. Rinse out a snack container to make this miniature Snack Tin Piggy Bank Craft!

Adorable Piggy Bank Crafts for Preschool

Piggy Bank Crafts for Preschool Resources:

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