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P is for Polar Bear!

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 The polar bears at the zoo are one of my daughter’s favorite animals, so I knew she’d love a preschool week focused on Polar Bears!

Zoo (18)

  To start off, we made some polar bear paintings.

Polar Bear Painting

What You Need:

What You Do:

Mix an equal amount of glue and shaving cream in a bowl.  You don’t need too much.  I made each kid WAY too much, but they really loved the “polar bear paint”, so we just kept painting more paper with it!

Polar Bear Paint

Hand over the polar bears and let the kids have at it!

Polar Bear Paint

Even my 1.5 year old loved this project!

Polar Bear Paint

Finished!!  I love how the paint stays all fluffy and puffy after you’re done.

Polar Bear Paint

After the fun craft, we did a little “serious learning” about Polar Bears.  We watched a few polar bear videos on the National Geographic website.  We also completed this “All About Polar Bears” chart and hung it on the fridge.  As soon as her dad got home, Abigail couldn’t wait to show him the chart.  Guess she loved the Polar Bear theme!

Polar Bear Chart

Grab Your “All About” Poster below and use it for anything you need!

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